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Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy, comedian


….Your State’s got a new law that says when a couple gets divorced they are still legally brother and sister”.

…. You think Possum is the “other white meat””.

…. You carried a fishing pole into Sea World”.

Well, as most of you know, I am a Southern gal, so I can truly appreciate Jeff Foxworthy humor! (He, of course, is the comedian who coined the phrase, “You might be a redneck if…”).  It’s hard to believe that there are actually real “subjects” who are the inspirations for his humor, isn’t it?! I would love to be a fly on the wall, when he encounters some of these interesting individuals. I heard him say on a talk show that people actually come up to him in public to share their hysterical “redneck” stories! (Wouldn’t you love to be him?!) When he said that, it occurred to me that I have actually been privy to some very funny decorating scenarios through my years as an interior designer. Without indulging the names of the clients who have entertained me with their candor, I will spend this week sharing a few of my very favorite quotes that have brought a huge smile to my lips.

This first client approached me at a dinner party and announced in her very uncensored, yet endearing, way that her house “needed me”. Well, as is my way, I began to ask a list of simple questions in attempt to discover, from her perspective, what exactly the design challenges may entail. After several minutes of making no headway whatsoever – mostly being met with the answer “I don’t know” – I finally asked the open-ended question… “What makes you think your house needs help from a designer?”. Hoping that this question might spur a direction in which I could steer the conversation, I was surprised by the entertaining analogy that I received in response.


…”Well, I guess my house is just like my face. I knew it was time for some renovations, when I started spending more time covering up the imperfections than highlighting the beauty”.


Example of a settee given a modern twist with multiple, fun fabrics! Photo from .

Needless to say, it took a good two minutes for me to stop laughing long enough to even respond! As hysterical as her answer was to me, it did actually answer exactly what I needed to know. Her home was not one that had new furniture and accessories, but just needed a little sprucing up or some window treatments. Instead, it was a home that had lived through the wear-and-tear of several pets and small children, and was in need of a total evaluation and overhaul.

On our consultation appointment, I first asked my client, who we will call Anna, which pieces of her current decor were things that she would like to see preserved in the new design. I learned that there were several family heirlooms that she truly treasured. One of the items that was particularly meaningful to her was an old love seat that had been in her family for several generations. As she removed a whole truckload of throw pillows that were hiding the majority of the old settee, a giant rip and several stains in the fabric were revealed. Despite these obvious imperfections, there was no question that this charming old piece would find a prominent place in Anna’s new design! We simply added a new, overstuffed cushion covered in a fresh print complementing the original fabric remaining on the rest of the piece. The touch of new fabric created an updated look for a classic, old beauty.


Settee covered in cool, funky fabrics!

Although it would have been easy to also correct the minor scratches on the wooden arms of the settee, we chose to leave them, as was also the case with several of the family heirlooms we preserved in Anna’s design. But why? Well, because like Anna said, sometimes your house DOES need a makeover when you spend more time covering imperfections than highlighting the beauty. HOWEVER, sometimes, there is beauty IN the imperfections themselves, and all we really need to do is simply EMBRACE THEM!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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