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I am not sure if there is any other color in the entire fan deck that has more power than red.  It is a color that is confident, bold, alluring and powerful. Red is like no other. In a word, red is simply, well… RED!

Recently, I met a client (of Knotting Hill Interiors) who is the epitome of red!  She walks and talks all the confidence and power that the color exudes.  When we met to discuss the interiors of her new home, I just new that red would be a powerful component of the design. And as soon as her kitchen cabinets came up in the discussion, we immediately decided that was where we would insert the color!

Tempered with black countertops and a wonderful mossy green for the walls, I  think this kitchen turned out fabulously (SEE PHOTOS BELOW)!

What do YOU think? Do you like red kitchen cabinets? Do they reflect your personality, or is another color better suited?


Now, go have an “It’s so Fabulous!” day!

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