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Obviously, not the boot planter from Halo Styles display, but another creation pictured on Flickr.

At the Fall Furniture Market in High Point, I visited an exciting showroom called Halo Styles. This group has really shown the industry how it’s done! There was no sign of a recession anywhere near their buildings. Having taken over an old fire station, Halo Style created an inspiring designer’s haven.  The 2-story wall to the right as you enter housed a myriad of old leather saddles. I have thought a lot about saddles, but never before had I thought of them as being artwork. They were all shapes and sizes and were so beautifully arranged that they indeed became a new form of art. I was immediately inspired to think of new lives for everyday objects, especially the ones that pertain to our hobbies.

Another great idea I saw in Halo Style was making use of an old pair of riding boots as planters. They lined stairs with pairs of old leather riding boots, and tucked inside the tops of each were freshly planted grasses. So simple but so impactful!

My hubby's silver trophy being used as a champagne chiller

Silver trophies can make a wonderful accessory item for bookshelves or when used as vases.  I have a large silver cup my husband won in a golf tournament, and I often use it as a wine chiller when entertaining. I must say, even though he is the more conservative of the two of us, he beams when I use his stuff in a meaningful way!

So, my point? Look around at the components in your life that make up a hobby. Can you think of new uses for old tools? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could come up with additional uses for everyday items? Well. thanks, Halo Style, I am inspired to do just that and you, my wonderful readers, stay tuned to what I come up with! Meanwhile, please share with me your own extraordinary uses of everyday things! Post a comment, and share your creativity!

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