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A frosty and delicious-looking mint julep! Photo from Elle Decor Magazine.

Do you have a set of mint julep cups?  I remember when I received mine as a wedding gift and assumed I would just place them among the other items such as china, crystal and silver that remains unused. Well, that couldn’t be further from what happened, as I use them for a myriad of things!

At holiday time, I plant the little silver cups with rosemary sprigs. This not only looks festive, but the rosemary smells like Christmas heaven. In addition, this rosemary can be used for cooking the next day.

Mint julip cups filled with fabulous flowers! Photo from Southern Living Magazine.

In the spring and summer, I cut roses from my garden and fill the cups and place them bedside for everyone to enjoy.

One cup holds pens by the telephone.

Another holds my makeup brushes at my dressing table, while another holds my favorite art brushes for painting.

I often use the wonderful little cups as water and/or juice cups when entertaining. The fact that they are silver makes guests feel extra special. I have also used them on the buffet to hold forks or spoons, which adds a little touch of elegance to a casual buffet.

Mint julep cup filled with pencils. Photo from Veranda Magazine.

I like to leave a decanter of water bedside when guests visit. I place it on a small tray along with, you guessed it, a pair of mint julep cups, which guests use as water cups. Friends and family often exclaim how special the cups make them feel!

Once when hosting a baby shower, I lined the food table with a baby blue runner and interspersed the cups with a variety of silver candleholders. I used baby blue sparkle candles in honor of the baby boy being born and filled the cups with, you guessed it, baby’s breath.

Photo from Southern Living

Bring a mantle to life by simply lining the empty cups all across it. In the spring, you can add  moss-covered topiary balls, and in the autumn, exchange them for branches, berries or nuts.

One of my most endearing mint julep cup memories is when my youngest daughter Grayanna (the horseback rider in the family) was around three years old. She loved to set up elaborate tea parties for her bears, other stuffed animals, and dollies. Instead of tea cups she, like Mommy, enjoyed making her guests feel special by serving them their “pretend tea” out of Mommy’s special “silver cups”!

These versatile little cups are also lovely just tucked into bookshelves as an accessory. I always recommend that my South Carolina interior design clients (and all of my clients, for that matter!) experiment with their many uses and come up with some originals of their own. If you have any ideas to share, or ways that YOU have used mint julep cups in the past, please share them with me and the other readers! I would love to hear from you!

And here’s something funny… So far, the only thing I HAVE NOT used my mint julep cups for is drinking mint juleps! In honor of the Kentucky Derby (coming up soon!), maybe this will be the year!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” WEEK-END!

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