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Damask - House Beautiful

Photo from House Beautiful.

Many of my interior design clients are surprised to learn that I am a HUGE proponent of wallpaper! When most people think of wallpaper, they think of penning themselves into a pattern that will leave them completely inflexible with regard to design modifications. In some cases, this may be true, but for the most part, wallpaper simply adds delightful texture and interest to a space that would otherwise remain a solid paint color. In fact, when I design a space, I almost always leave my possibilities open to choosing a wallpaper if the homeowner is open to the idea.

One classic wallpaper option is damask. Damask refers to the repeated, reversible pattern of the design on the paper. In today’s world, traditional damasks are still as lovely and popular as ever. However, for homeowners looking for a more contemporary approach to a classic design, there are certainly many opportunities to realize this goal. For instance, The Bungalow, a boutique hotel in Long Branch, New Jersey, displays a large-scale, turquoise damask in their hallways that looks fresh and modern, yet classic, as well.

The Bungalow Hotel

The Bungalow Hotel

Another shot of a hallway in The Bungalow hotel.

Another shot of a hallway in The Bungalow hotel.

Cole & Son Damask - Optimum Elizabethan

The name of this dramatic Cole & Son design is Optimum Elizabethan. The contrast between the black and bright blue give it some extra edge!

Cole & Son Damask - Cream Flock on Silver Foil Paper

This silver foil damask is from Cole & Son.

Another way in which it is possible to update a classic damask is to play with the color combinations in the print of the design. Damasks with contrasting colors, or those with metallic backgrounds, are fun options!

Schumacher - Palm Damask - Pearl Gray (small)

This Schumacher wallpaper has a smaller pattern of palm trees and other tropical foliage.

Schumacher - Montebello Damask - Slate

This larger scale Schumacher wallpaper is called Montebello Damask.

There are damasks of both large and small scale, both of which are effective and fabulous, depending upon your space and preferences. In a project I completed at a the historic Pine Lakes Country Club, I used a timeless damask that read textural but colored like a solid. Sometimes, tone-on-tone wallpaper is all that is required to achieve the desired effect.

Regardless of which type of damask you choose to use – classic or edgy – there is certain to be a touch of elegance and texture that could not have been achieved with paint alone. So, why not give wallpaper another chance in your next room update? You may be surprised to find that it provides just the “special something” you were looking for!

If you need a little help deciding how to select your perfect wallpaper, contact my retail design shop, Knotting Hill Interiors, for some expertly cheerful advice!

Cole & Son Damask

Classic Cole & Son damask.

Schumacher Tierni Damask

Schumacher Tierni Damask


Cole & Son - Classix Exotic Flock

Cole & Son Damask - From a magazine article

A Cole & Son damask as pictured in magazine article. Look how it "makes" the whole photograph!

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