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Today’s video blog is the final part in my series on tablescapes. The principle we are focusing on is “harmony”.

One of the major mishaps I commonly find in the homes of my South Carolina interior design clients is TOO MANY PICTURE FRAMES. It’s true that adding a photo of loved ones adds a fabulous personal touch to any tablescape. However, too many pictures in too many different styles of frames causes the display to look messy and disorganized. It is easy to forget that the point of displaying pictures is to put your loved ones on display…. to share special moments of your life  through photography. However, if you fail to organize your pictures and frames into a cohesive display, NONE of the pictures seem special. In fact, an  overabundance of pictures in mismatched frames just creates clutter and chaos. As a solution  to this problem, one suggestion is to limit the number of photos and group them together in similar frames, such as all silver. Suddenly, the pictures on display become showpieces, rather than a mismatched menagerie.

If you haven’t already, be sure to  click on my video to see additional details on creating harmony on your tablescape!

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