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Every home should have a sense of comfort and warmth. Although some design styles are more comfort-oriented than others, almost all of them incorporate one or more of the following elements to add a sense of livability:

WAY #1: Add Fabrics

Upholstered pieces, slipcovers, throw pillows, and other fabric-covered components add instant comfort. They make it easy to want to “snuggle up” in a room.

These comfortable, but chic, slipcovers combine with the various throw pillows to make a lovely space. Photo from House Beautiful.

These slipcovers and window treatments make this dining room soft and inviting, yet it is still elegant and edited. Photo from House Beautiful.

WAY #2: Incorporate antique or vintage pieces

Antique or vintage pieces add a sense of history and balance. They ground the space and beckon visitors to come in and relax.

This antique chest adds a sense of depth to this already comfortable space. Photo from House Beautiful.

The 18th century desk and vintage botanicals ground this room and give it historical quality. Photo from House Beautiful.

WAY #3:  Mix up the wood!

Incorporate different colors and styles of wood in your furniture pieces. Avoiding “matchy-matchy” furniture prevents your room from becoming boring and predictable. It makes the space feel approachable and gives you permission to “kick up your feet”.

The mix of woods in this space, from walls to furniture, add to the comfortable feel. Photo from Traditional Home.

This bedroom mixes several types of wood for an unpretentious, and relaxed, presentation. Photo from Traditional Home.

WAY #4: Add photos or personal mementos

Pictures and personalized elements make a house feel like a home…. Like the homeowner truly loves it there! Visitors are welcomed into the space with a sense of understanding about the homeowners.

The unusual natural elements collected by the homeowners add personal detailing to this space. Photo from Coastal Living.

These family photos displayed in the stairwell add a sense of personalization to this home. Photo from House Beautiful.

WAY #5: Add natural elements, such as wood, plants, and shells.

Bringing a touch of nature inside a home adds a sense of unity with the outdoors. Everyone connects on some level with nature, so incorporating this universal component adds instant comfort.

Plants, such as those in this photo from House Beautiful, breathe life into a room.

These floral and wood elements bring a little of nature inside. Photo from House Beautiful.

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