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Another way to choose a color is to start with a fabric you love and pull specific colors from it. We like to refer to these fabrics as inspiration fabrics…. or magic fabrics, since they can “magically” tie an entire room together.  A fabric such as this can be the start of a particular room, or sometimes, of an entire house project! A color can be selected from a fabulous textile upon which a home scheme can be built.

The main idea when choosing one of these magic fabrics is to incorporate the color not only on the walls,  but throughout the room in other places, such as furniture, window treatments, and other fabrics. It should be the “glue” that holds everything together.

Inspiration Fabric - House Beautiful

It is easy to see how the fabric on the sofa and chair may have inspired the rest of this room. The white, aqua, and taupe are repeated throughout the space in every way. All photos via House Beautiful.

inspiration fabric - House Beautiful

The striped fabric on this bedding ensemble blends beautifully with the wall color, as well as the other accessories, furniture, and fabrics in this bedroom.

Be sure to keep your inspiration fabric in the forefront of your mind as you design and choose colors in your space. It should be the guide throughout your project. Keep checking back with it as you go along to make sure you are still on track. Your magic fabric should be somewhere “center stage” in a prominent position to ensure the element of continuity in your space.

inspirational fabric - House Beautiful

The polka dot fabric on the sofa pillows really ties in all of the colors in every part of this room. However, remove the pillows and the room would probably not feel as "put together". It is easy to look at this fabric and see how everything else stems from its color scheme.

When using a magic fabric, make sure that you choose something that will inspire you for a long time. If you opt for a trendier textile, you may find that you don’t love it as much down the road as you would a more timeless option.

inspiration fabric - House Beautiful

The inspiration fabric for this space may have been the one used in the window treatments. It is a classic design and color scheme that will not likely be a passing phase for the homeowner.

inspiration fabric - House Beautiful

The fabric on the bed pillow carries a color scheme throughout the bedding ensemble, wall coverings, rug, and accessories. It is a classic and lovely choice of inspiration.

Whatever your choice of magic fabric, more than anything, it should be a selection that truly “speaks” to you… one that screams “FABULOUS!” to you every time you walk by!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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