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With a big family of six children – blended, biological, and adopted – my hubby and I have certainly enjoyed our fair share of Halloween fun through the years. With its spooky decorations, abundance of sweet treats, and creepy festiveness, Halloween is certainly one of the highlights of the Fall season for our family! It’s a time of year when things that are typically considered “taboo” or “strange” are suddenly incorporated into the mainstream norm. Although Halloween is generally considered to be a “kid’s holiday”, there are certainly some adult components that we grown-ups can appreciate. For instance, the color black is one of the primary colors used in decorating for the season. Here are a few rooms featured on House Beautiful that are much more chic than scary….

And take a look at these smartly styled black rooms from Elle Decor….

Halloween accessories can be elegant and sophisticated, as well…..

White Candelabra by Adam Wallacavage, as shown on Elle Decor.

Creepy saw mirror! Scie by Domestic, $96

Talon candle holder, as pictured on House Beautiful.

Boooo-tiful mantle from Southern Living.

DIY decoupage plates as pictured on Better Homes & Gardens.

Creepy skeleton hands, as shown on House Beautiful.

Eery mantle scape from Better Homes & Gardens.

Better Homes & Gardens is featuring a plethora of interesting Halloween decorating ideas right now. Check out these photos that show some fabulous ways to add “grown up” flair to your table….

Rather than covering the table with theme-based items, this table uses the colors of Halloween with a touch of modern pattern.

These napkins are embellished with dangling craft store cut-outs that were painted black. CLEVER!

Look at these simple DIY napkins that are created by simply adhering iron-on clip art to the fabric.

And look at this refined, yet spooky cup, as shown on Elle Decor.….

Sophisticated china tarantula Espresso cup & saucer by Laura Zindel. $42. As shown on Elle Decor.

The front of your house does not have to be littered with glittery Halloween decorations to convey the spirit of the holiday. Check out this nicely edited look from Southern Living….

The wreath is constructed of mini pumpkins attached to a form.

Better Homes & Gardens featured these two looks…..

Understated, yet effective.

These simple, DIY steps have wood-shaped paper with stenciled writing attached to them. I love the Southern "feel" of this phrase, which also works perfectly for the holiday theme.

So, as you can see, there are many options for creating Halloween aura without sacrificing the feel of luxury interior design! So, jump in and see what you can come up with for your home this season… and don’t forget to email me some pictures of your ideas!


NOW, GO HAVE AN  “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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