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I live in the lively resort town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There is nothing I love more than walking outside this time of year into gorgeous, sunny skies sprinkled with the slight aroma of salted ocean air. (Now that the heat index is no longer 115 degrees, I am actually able to stand outside for more than 3 seconds without melting!). Sunshine always seems to warm my skin as much as my soul!
Have you ever considered that the color yellow works the same way? There is just something inspiring and uplifting about this cheerful color that adds a splash of “happy” to any room. There are endless shades of yellow, and at least one of them can be incorporated into almost any decor style, whether as a primary color or as an accent.
When most people envision the color yellow, they immediately think of a bright Crayola crayon or the colors of the rainbow, rather than luxury interior design. So, since it is considered to be such an “extrovert” of a color, most people do not necessarily think of including it as a part of their decor. Below are a few photos of beautifully designed spaces that incorporate sunny yellow into their interiors.

Yellow is used in the accents of this space to add pops of unexpected color. Photo from Better Homes & Gardens.

Lovely accents of yellow! Photo from House Beautiful.

This bright yellow sofa makes the whole room! Photo from Better Homes & Gardens.

The very edited yellow accents in this space contribute to its interest and cheerful feel. Photo from House Beautiful.

The use of yellow in this living room is bold and powerful. Photo from Elle Decor.

This warm yellow nook is perfect for curling up with a great book! Photo from House Beautiful.

What a strong use of yellow in this bedroom! I would definitely hop right out of bed in the morning! Photo from Elle Decor.

These yellow walls are warm and inviting. Photo from Elle Decor.

Country French style is typically associated with more subdued shades of yellow. This style of decorating is often relaxing, yet mixed with some elements of formality, and the yellow most often associated with it is more in the “mustard” family.  Here are some rooms with French Country influences.

These walls add an element of comfort to this more formal, French-inspired space. Photo from Architectural Digest.

This kitchen is cozy and casual with splashes of yellow accents inside the cabinet and on the ceiling. Photo from Southern Accents.

Photo from French Country Magazine.

What a lovely example of French Country design. This dining room is flooded with yellow, yet it is anything but overwhelming. In fact, it is soothing to the eye, like a warm, fall day. Photo from French Country Decorating.

Primary shades of yellow may also be combined with shades of blue, often producing Nantucket or seaside-inspired styles. Used in this combination, yellows tend to stand out more in their intensity level.

What a perfect beach cottage! Photo from House Beautiful.

Photo from Traditional Home.

Photo from House Beautiful.

Photo from House Beautiful.

Photo from House Beautiful.

The addition of yellow into the window treatments adds a seaside feel to the space. Photo from House Beautiful.

As you can see, yellow can be used in a variety of ways to satisfy many different style needs. It can serve as a neutral, a bright accent of color, or it can be the overall color of an entire room. Adding a little “sunshine” to every room can brighten the appearance of almost any space!
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