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Old-fashioned bikini! (This is not me, though).

Okay, so for anyone who may be wondering what happened with my bikini debut, here it goes… I decided that I would do a “dry run” of my bikini display while on our family vacation in Utah. I figured it would be the most private and discreet way of getting myself prepared for the trauma of wearing a bikini out on the public beach in June. Well, now clearly, I SHOULD have known that MY family would not allow such a momentous occasion to quietly pass us by. Ohhhh, of course not! Instead, as I was sinking into the warmth of the first hot tub (of seven!) at our vacation resort, I began to notice curious eyes flicking my way, and the quiet snickers of passersby. Uhhh… okay? When I finally decided that I was shriveled and cooked enough from the bubbling water, I quickly jumped from the hot tub and bolted for my towel. But alas… WHERE was my towel?!  It was no longer there where I had left it! As I looked across the deck, there I saw my dear family standing in a pack, with my husband swinging the towel gently from his arm. Not wanting to seem undignified, I commenced a brisk, but confident, stroll across length of the deck to reach my destination in the quickest manner possible. However, before I had made it more than ten steps on my journey, I noticed that people along the way were standing… AND CLAPPING! And there were even some cat calls and whistles!!! I looked around for a moment wondering what in the world was going on. However, it took only an instant to realize that this crowd was actually cheering for ME! As I stared several horrified holes through my giddy and highly entertained family, I knew that they were savoring every moment of this fabulous occasion. And albeit a TWISTED way of showing it, I also knew that they were probably even more proud of me than I was of myself for reaching my hard-earned goal.  So, instead of scurrying across the deck and ripping the towel from my husband’s hands, I decided to relish in my bikini-clad glory! TODAY, I would, once again, feel the confidence of my skinny youth! I walked that deck among the cheers and whistles like I was Heidi Klum! In a nutshell, I WORKED IT, GIRL! By the time I reached my family, we were all laughing hysterically, along with all of the rest of the resort guests in our presence. It was a truly the best kind of success…. Shared! And who says skinny is overrated?!

However, with regard to my South Carolina interior design clients, I realized long ago that there are some instances where “skinny” is NOT always the best alternative. One example is lamps. So many people skimp out on them, often putting skinny lamps EVERYWHERE. This is NOT the place to diet!

Skinny lamps look best in pairs, on buffets or tall chests, NOT on bedside tables or living room end tables. Those spaces require “chunkier” bases to balance the scale. Below are some excellent examples of a few of my clients’ rooms with “weight-appropriate” lamp selections.

"Skinny" lamps on the ends of this chest add balance and do not overwhelm the space.

This side table required a chunkier base to balance the scale of the chaise and surrounding accessories. High calorie lamp for this space!

Another example of a space that was in need of a weightier lamp to stand as the focal point in the area.

Weighty dual lamps balancing the scale of the bedroom side tables.

Okay, off to drink my smoothie and find my yoga instructor now…. remember, fitness is the TRUE “skinny” on maintaining a healthy lifestyle… whether or not you are sporting a bikini.

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