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Designing the home of your dreams is no easy task as you have learned in this six part series on focusing on just one room – the kitchen!  Now, you probably understand why in the first post I shared that I often say, “if these tables could talk!”  The kitchen truly is the heart of your home and throughout this series, along with giving you my step by step guide to how I approach working with this room, I have also said over and over again the importance of paying attention to each and every detail, cross every “i” and dot every “t”.

The last step, which is usually where my clients want to begin (and is the often the perfect place to start!) is personalization.  This is the time when you really can see your “vision” coming together.  That butter dish you fell in love with or the gorgeous monogramed set of kitchen towels that gave you the inspiration for this whole room, well now is the time for these “final touches” piece to make their appearance.  The appliances are in, the countertops and cabinets installed, the layout is ready for you to entertain to your hears desire.  Now, you can add the bits and pieces that make it all about YOU.

Many of the images I used for this series I found on Pinterest to spark my own inspiration.  The following photos have all been designed with love for amazing clients by moi.

Trends in Personalizing the Kitchen

As the most important room in the home, it is important to add your own influence in the kitchen space.  Following the overall tone of the home is important, but the kitchen is a space that you can break away a bit with just the right color or a small twist on the style.  Colors that are trending right now include grays, all white kitchens, and soft aqua’s.  Still on the style list is to add a color to the island and/ or stove built in.  This is especially nice if there is a lot of cabintry in the kitchen as it serves as a break in the strength of the cabinet element.

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