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Usually, I am ALL about a fun birthday celebration… whooo hooo! However, for several weeks leading up to today – “the 21st anniversary of my 29th birthday!” – I had quite honestly been DREADING the whole situation this year. I mean, it had REEEEEALLY been bumming me out!? Unfortunately, I had become a bit mega-focused on the fact that the first half of my life is now officially lived and over, and that even my youngest children are no longer babies. Combined with worry about aging parents and the other harsh realities that arrive hand-in-hand with a 50th birthday, it is not difficult to imagine how I had worked myself into quite a frenzied “funk”. And trust me…. when I am in a twit, well, let me put it to you like this…. nobody has to “guess” about it. HA!

However, despite everything I just shared, today turned out to be an amazing day filled with eye-opening – and genuinely unexpected! – emotions.  Everything seemed to change this morning, when I found myself contently snuggled in bed, surrounded by the love and warmth of my youngest children. It was one of those “ah-ha” moments, in which I found myself assessing my life from a whole new perspective. I was unexpectedly overcome by the richest feelings of thankfulness for the family and loved ones who continually bless every one of my days. Suddenly, none of the worries that had previously monopolized my thoughts seemed nearly as overwhelming… or significant. In fact, those heavy thoughts became completely minimized by the grand sense of fulfillment that replaced them.

As my day progressed, I continued to be touched by the tons of birthday wishes arriving from friends, family, customers, employees, and clients. (I was particularly honored and humbled to receive birthday calls from my pastor and the Mayor of Myrtle Beach!) With every kind word and thought delivered by each of these fabulously special people, I began to fully recognize what a wonderful life I captain. It’s true that the last fifteen years have been absolutely spectacular. I have enjoyed (and continue to adore!) a loving husband and children, loyal friends, a fruitful business, and an amazing extended family. However, rather than mourning the loss of times gone by, I can now fully understand that all of my future years will not only include my current memories, but a bazillion others yet to be experienced! I celebrate and embrace the opportunity to begin “the second half” of my life! YEHAW! Here I come!

And to every person who took time out of their day to touch my life and make “the 21st anniversary of my 29th birthday” an extra-special occasion…. THANK YOU! You give “FABULOUS” a whole new meaning!

This photo shows the adorable birthday bow - and custom birthday PIN! - that my assistant designer, Julie (pictured), handcrafted for me!

For my love of painting, my staff surprised me with an automatic brush cleaner and some fabulous art books!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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