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Our pilot, Harrison, his co-pilot, our Knotting Hill Interiors crew and one fellow designer.

““It’s So Fabulous!” Destination of the Week: This Wednesday, I attended the Atlanta Decorators’ Show House with three of my staff members, as well as a friend/fellow-designer. WOW! What a FUN and INSPIRING trip it was! Although we flew up just for the day, we were able to scout a million new ideas and have a blast along the way! If ever you have the opportunity to attend a designer show house, do it! Each room is created independently by a different designer, and volunteers are present in each space to share all of the sought-after details.

I will warn you, though… it is hard to process all of that creativity, talent, and art in such a compact time frame without being completely exhausted. One of my staff members was so brain-dead by the time we got back on the plane that she fell into a dangerously deep sleep and nearly drowned in her own drool!  I’m just warning you up front!

I will be sharing many more details about the Atlanta Decorators’ Show House in weeks to come. You won’t want to miss a single thing! For now, I have included a few picture snippets from our trip.

Julie (right), Lisa (middle), and me (left) on the plane to Atlanta

Julie, Susan, Mimi, and me on the plane

Sign in the front of the Atlanta Decorators' Show House & Gardens

Look at this beauty!

Knotting Hill crew at the back of the house

Walkway to the entrance

Check out these funky topiaries!

Our crew eating at Bistro Niko in Atlanta

Right before leaving for the airport

Flor carpet Tiles

“It’s So Fabulous!” Design Find of the Week: Flor carpet tiles! WOW! Now, I am typically quite a traditionalist when it comes to things like flooring, but these ingenious little creations are nothing short of FABULOUS! Each carpet tile fits together with the others like puzzle pieces. They can become wall-to-wall carpeting, or they can become an area rug. Mix and match different colors and patterns to make the perfect design for your space. But here’s the best part… If there is a place on carpeting that gets soiled, simply rip up the affected squares, clean them, and pop them back in! LOVE IT! I can scarcely imagine a more attractive carpeting option for busy Moms and pet owners?! You may find a whole blog about Flor carpet tiles in a future weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

“It’s So Fabulous!” Fashion Find of the Week: SPANX BRAS!? Really? How many of you have known about these little treasures before I discovered them this week? No underwires and no back bulging bra area! The Bra-lellujah! also features all-hosiery straps, plus a front closure. Looks like the undergarment comfort that I will be rushing to to Dillard’s to purchase ASAP! If someone can confirm my suspicions that  these bras are absolutely worth their weight in gold, please share a comment. Would love to hear your opinion!

Spanx bra

Spanx bra from the back

Rockport Gray by Sherwin-Williams

“It’s So Fabulous!” Paint Color Discovered at the Atlanta Decorators’ Show Room: “Rockport Gray” by Benjamin Moore! It is truly an amazing neutral that seems to embody a very “now” color, but with the rich tradition of a classic! Hmmm… in which room will I use this shade first?

“It’s So Fabulous!” Quote of the Week: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginnning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  By Maria Robinson

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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