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“It’s So Fabulous!” MOVIE PHOTOS of the Week: As I was writing my “The Sky is the Limit” blog series this week, the one thing that kept popping into my mind was the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Do any of you remember the first time you saw that movie? It was so memorable to me how they started the film in black-and-white and then switched over to colored film once Dorothy landed in Munchkin Land. That effect was made even more dramatic by the way they depicted the skies on their trip to Oz.

The gray skies are dark and foreboding at the beginning of the movie.

Look at how blue and gorgeous the skies are on their way to Oz!

Just as color can affect the mood or “feel” of a movie, it just as dramatically affects us in our home environments. Choosing color schemes that best suit our individual tastes and preferences will inevitably make us feel more comfortable in our own homes.

“It’s So Fabulous!” FASHION TRENDS of the Week: According to In Style magazine, jackets and blazers are hot his year in fall fashion! Check out these trendy examples shown in “colors of the sky” . I first saw them featured in the September 201o magazine pages…..

Kate Hudson was caught sporting this Smythe equestrian jacket in a gorgeous shade of sky blue ($630).

Although I was not able to get the photo to show up on the blog today (darn it!), click HERE to see the most FABULOUS citrus-colored (SUNNY SKIES!) jacket that was featured in an In Style advertisement for Dove Fresh-Picks-For-Fall! You can also enter their sweepstakes from this link!

And finally, check out this photo from In Style magazine showing the leather jacket trend for this fall season….

The "gray skies" jacket on the bottom is from Kenneth Cole ($299).

“It’s So Fabulous!” DESIGN ROOM of the Week: As promised, here are the new online photos of the FABULOUS bathroom from the the Atlanta Decorators’ Show House and Gardens 2010. They finally surfaced on the website of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. This bathroom was created by artist and designer, Raymond Goins, and includes one of his very own abstract horse paintings,  floor-to-ceiling verre églomisé panels in the water closet, and a luxurious (and fabulous!) tufted-leather door! And guess what color he used in this to-die-for bathroom?! SUNNY YELLOW! (Ok, he actually calls it “saffron”, but it’s still yellow!).

This photo is actually of the vestibule leading into the master bathroom. My assistant designer, Julie, LOVED this space! It features a lacquered trellised wall in a color called "persimmon".

“It’s So Fabulous!” QUOTE of the Week: “It is written on the arched sky; it looks out from every star. It is the poetry of Nature; it is that which uplifts the spirit within us.  – JOHN RUSKIN

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” WEEK-END!

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