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“It’s So Fabulous!” DESIGN HOME and EVENT of the Week: My staff and I, at Knotting Hill Interiors, were given some VERY exciting news yesterday! We learned that one of our very own “Green Designs”  – here in Myrtle Beach, SC! -was to receive the honor of being featured on! This home is one that I am very proud of, both for its aesthetic beauty AND for its earth-friendly design. Included in this post are a few of the photos of the home, but to read the full article and  view all of the photos from, click HERE.

This mantle is actually constructed from a tree root recycled from the yard during the remodeling process.

Earth-friendly reclaimed wood is used in this dining area.

Eco-friendly kitchen, complete with foot pedal sink to control water flow.

“It’s So Fabulous!” CAUSE of the Week: A few weeks ago, I mentioned in my “Cause of the Week” that my children bought me re-usable bags for Mother’s Day that I take with me to the grocery store to do my shopping each week. Even small efforts such as these have the potential to make a huge impact in saving our planet. As a collective effort, families and communities truly possess the power to make a significant difference. Even our kids can contribute to the cause by making a few simple changes in their everyday habits, such as:

  • CONSERVING RESOURCES by turning off lights and televisions before leaving the room, and by turning off the sink water while brushing your teeth.
  • RECYCLING cans, bottles, and paper, rather than throwing them into the trash can.
  • REDUCING WASTE by using the backs of sheets of paper, rather than only the front sides, and by using a clean bathroom towel more than once before throwing it into the laundry.

There are certainly oodles of other ways that we can teach our children to be environmentally conscious, but starting with even the smallest of efforts can truly pave the way toward raising earth-friendly adults.

“It’s So Fabulous!” FASHION FIND of the Week: Check out these SEXY, eco-friendly stilettos!  They arrived on the fashion scene in June via the collaborative efforts of Jean Paul Gaultier and Brazilian, eco-friendly shoe label, Melissa. They are constructed of 100% recycled materials, despite the fact that they are apparently quite comfortable (in terms of heels, that is, I’m sure!). These shoes are currently being sold at Sak’s Fifth Avenue (among other places) for $260 per pair. If anyone ends up purchasing some, PLEEEEASE let me know what you think! I’m dying of curiosity!

“It’s So Fabulous!” QUOTE of the Week:

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.  We are all crew.”

-Marshall McLuhan, 1964

If you would like to make your home more fabulous, then contact me for an initial consultation.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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