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Happy Friday, Readers!


Hope you have all enjoyed your weeks! I just returned yesterday from the High Point, NC furniture market, where I was excited to seek out new and FABULOUS design trends for this season! Although market did not seem to be bustling with as much business, nor the cutting edge displays I normally see showcased there (due to the slow economy!), there were still some hidden gems to be unearthed among the endless vendors and showrooms.

Behr paint - "Marine Magic"

“It’s So Fabulous!” Design Find of the Week: While at market, I ran across a great COLOR in the Design Legacy showroom at High Point.  I love their wares, and I use a lot of it in my work.  They have wonderful prints used on linen backgrounds that are very fresh and affordable.  In their showroom, they used a Behr Paint color called “Marine Magic”, and it was absolutely yummy.  In fact, it was soooo fabulously yummy, that I ordered a sample of it today to paint a board as a possible color for my kitchen.  After TEN years, I am going to part with the green walls in my kitchen, and along with a few other updates, I plan to paint them!  Currently, “Marine Magic” is a strong contender for the winning paint selection, and if it ends up looking good in my light, then it will be the winner!  It is a wonderful neutral!  I am planning to combine it with coral, lime green, chocolate brown, and cream.  I LOVE unusual color combinations, and I think this particular combo will be spectacular! More updates to come as I make final decisions and begin the actual painting and design process.

This photo shows a section of my kitchen. You can see the color of my green walls that I have enjoyed so much for the last decade!


“It’s So Fabulous!” Entertainment Idea of the Week: How about hosting your children’s friends and their families for a “Make your own Pizza Night”?  I don’t know about you, but I am all about children at this point  in my life (and the last one million years of my life, also!!!).  It is always easier to entertain, when I include the children and try to plan activities that stem from them and their lives. One of my biggest party hits, for parents and children alike, has been my BYOT “Bring Your Own Topping” events. I provide the crusts, traditional sauce, and cheese, and then each family “designs” their own pizza from the myriad of toppings shared by all of the other families. If the weather is nice, you can even add a gingham tablecloth and serve your pies outside.  It’s a casual, fun evening that everyone is sure to enjoy!

“It’s So Fabulous!” Gift Idea of the Week:  “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” pillowcases! This is the universal best gift (… especially if a man is not standing in the room!). They make FABULOUS wedding gifts and are loads of fun for the couple celebrating their anniversary.  Have yours shipped today by calling Knotting Hill Interiors… Or better yet, stop by the shop if you are in the Myrtle Beach area! I would love to show you around in person!

"Mr. Right" and "Mrs. Always Right" Pillow Cases

“It’s So Fabulous!” Furniture-in-Fashion Find of the Week:  Pictured below is a sofa manufactured by one of my very favorite furniture companies – Sherrill. They have so many FABULOUS selections that it is truly difficult to select just one. In addition, they offer a wide variety of upholstery options to satisfy nearly every taste. Of course, we carry this line in at my shop, and to truly understand how gorgeous it is in real life, you MUST swing by to take a look at it in person, dahling! I am really feeling my Southern roots today…. can you tell?

Sherrill sofa shown in Manchester finish

And wouldn’t that sofa be gorgeous with some “pops” of color like this Balenciaga dress as shown during Spring 2010 Paris Fashion Week? Maybe some accent pillows or a throw (Minus the wacky eyeshadow)? What do you think?

Photo from Harpers Bazaar

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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