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“It’s So Fabulous!” DESIGN ROOM of the Week: My pick for design room of the week is actually an outdoors space that I found on the Elle Decor website. With the end of summer fast approaching, I had to lift my glass one final time to celebrate the exterior rooms that provide the setting for many a barbecue and evening cocktail party!  The celebrity owner of this grande Hamptons poolhouse is fashion designer, Dennis Basso, and his partner. It is nothing short of fabulous! To read the full article about this space, click here: A Party-Perfect Poolhouse.

“It’s So Fabulous!” TECHNOLOGY FIND of the Week: I just switched mobile service providers, and in the process, I also ended up with a new Motorolla phone called a Droid 2. This little phone does EVERYTHING but change your light bulbs, and  actually, I imagine that there is probably some app out there that would make it do that, too! My sales rep also got me the coolest wallpaper screen ever!  It is Louis Vuitton, and I feel oh-soooooo-chic sporting it around town!  Even my children are impressed that I am so “cutting edge” (especially my older ones!).  Now…..  if only I could only learn to use it!?!?

“It’s So Fabulous!” BOOK of the Week: The book is called Life is What You Make It, by Peter Buffet (Yes, this is Warren Buffet’s son!). Peter is amazingly down to earth and is a man of great moral fiber and good character.  I love how he is the son of a wealthy businessman but remains so “unaffected” by it all. The book is a quick read and lends a no-nonsense approach about living life the way you should. It is full of practicality and is quite inspiring! For all of you parents out there, I would recommend it as a “must read”.  This book would also make a great gift for a graduate!

“It’s So Fabulous!” RECIPE of the Week: With fall just around the corner, I always begin to think of vegetables that are representative of the season, such as delicious butternut squash. Here is a scrumptious recipe from Simply Recipes to welcome in the cooler weather (well, at least we HOPE it will cool off soon!).



6-8 cups chicken broth (use vegetable broth for vegetarian option)
5 Tbsp unsalted butter, divided into 4 Tbsp and 1 Tbsp
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 cups butternut squash, peeled, and finely diced
2 cups medium grained white rice
1 cup dry white wine (such as Sauvignon Blanc)
1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
2 Tbsp chopped chives or garlic chives


1 Heat broth in medium sized saucepan and keep warm over low heat. Melt 4 Tbsp of butter in a large saucepan; add onion and butternut squash. Cook over medium heat until onion is translucent, about 5 minutes.

2 Add rice to onion and squash. Cook 1 to 2 minutes. Add wine. Cook, stirring constantly until wine has been absorbed by the rice or evaporated. Add a few ladles of broth, just enough to barely cover rice. Cook over medium heat until broth has been absorbed. Continue cooking and stirring rice, adding a little bit of broth at a time, cooking and stirring until it is absorbed, until the rice is tender, but still firm to the bite, about 15 to 20 minutes.

3 During the last minutes of cooking, add remaining tablespoon of butter, 1/3 cup Parmesan, and chives. At this point the rice should have a creamy consistency. Add salt to taste. Serve with remaining grated Parmesan.

Serves 4 to 6.

“It’s So Fabulous!” QUOTE of the Week: This quote (excerpt) is from Peter Buffett’s book….

“True success is something we earn privately and whose value we determine for ourselves”.

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NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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