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“It’s So Fabulous!” DESIGN FIND of the Week: Alright, this has GOT to be one of THE most FABULOUS design finds I have ever featured! You have got to click the video in this link to see what I’m talking about, because a verbal description truly does not do justice to this “NEW AND IMPROVED Under the Bed T.V. Lift System”! CLICK HERE. This is the information I was provided via email from Jerry Sorbara at Activated Decor, Inc:

We manufacture TV Lift systems used to conceal mostly LCD and Plasma Televisions in
millwork; furniture used in the Custom Home Theatre, Hospitality, and Commercial building
markets.  Our TV lifts can be hidden under beds, within flooring, bench seating or cabinetry,
or concealed in ceilings, and can complement and accent the interiors (and, in fact, exteriors!)
of both homes and businesses.  The television lift effect can be accomplished outdoors when
equipped with proper water protection and a TV that is compatible with outdoor conditions.
The flexibility of this option provides for homes and businesses with outdoor features, such as
hot tubs.

What sets us apart from other manufactures is the custom lift capabilities that we have
developed in the lift motorization field over the last 30 years. Our creations include
everything from motorized blinds and paintings to flat panel TVs.

YOU MUST GO CHECK OUT HOW NIFTY THESE INVENTIONS ARE! They look like fabulous space age robots coming out from under the bed!


Reusable bags

Here is a photo of a cute reusable bag I saw online.

“It’s So Fabulous!” CAUSE of the Week: One thing I have made an absolute commitment to do, which is actually not nearly as easy at it seems, is to use recyclable bags! If you have ever attempted this task, you probably already know that it can be quite challenging, since bags get left in the car, or forgotten, or “I will do it next time” (I promise!), etc.  However, my children gave me a set of five good bags for Mother’s Day, which really kicked me into gear. They fold up into the teeniest little bags, and I have them with me at all times, so there is never any excuse anymore. Now, whenever I am anywhere, I can help save our planet by pulling them out and bagging with reusable bags instead of plastic or paper. A little goes a long way… Plus, they are done in a chic little print, and I look so amazing at the grocery store, when I pull them out. Not only do heads turn (And trust me, now that I am sporting 50, I like it, when heads turn!!!), but people make the nicest, most pleasant comments to me. I feel sophisticated, proud, and like a better person just by doing this one simple act. Give it a shot!

“It’s So Fabulous!” INTRIGUING FASHION TREND of the Week: When I was doing some research online, I ran across a fashion trend that was interesting, sort of strange, very intriguing, yet quite alarming…. all at once. I can really only pass along the information, both good and bad for these new CIRCLE CONTACT LENSES, since I have never actually seen any in person, nor do I know the actual risks associated with them. (The only thing I do know is that they have not yet been approved by the FDA, so I would not recommend running out to purchase any online. Just FYI.) These new contact lenses cover up a bigger portion of the whites of the eyes to give them a very doe-like appearance. Apparently, the trend was inspired by the Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” video, but oddly enough, Lady Gaga was not even wearing these contacts in the video??? Rather, her eyes were simply digitally enhanced to APPEAR doe-like.

Click the links below to watch two videos on this wacky new trend:

“It’s So Fabulous!” QUOTE of the Week:

“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed”.
– Henrik Ibsen

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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