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“It’s So Fabulous!” BOOK of the Week: I was loaned a FABULOUS book by a friend of mine (Thanks, Danny!), and I devoured it whole! I highly recommend Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk to anyone interested in learning how social media can change the way you do business. The author is a self-trained wine expert who revolutionized his family business with his video blog called “Wine Library TV”. You don’t even have to be self-employed to incorporate his FAB concepts into your own stream of revenue!

“It’s So Fabulous!” DESIGN BLOG MOMENT of the Week: As most of you probably know, I launched my first VIDEO BLOGS this week! This was a VERY exciting moment for my staff and me, since it was TRULY a labor of love… and trial and error! Honestly, none of us really had a single clue about what we were doing with regard to using the video camera, lighting the nonexistent “set”, or editing the footage afterwards! It was QUITE entertaining to all involved, and we certainly had some FABULOUS laughs along the way! I may actually have to show some of the “bloopers” that were recorded! Thank you for all of the comments and encouragement with regard to this FABULOUS new endeavor! Stay tuned this week-end for the conclusion of this week’s “Tablescapes” series!

Save the Planet... Plant a Tree!“It’s So Fabulous!” “CAUSE” of the Week: As I mentioned last week on my blog, I am promoting one FABULOUS and worthwhile “cause” each week – for 50 weeks. This week’s cause is one that is near and dear to my heart! A while back, my husband and I planted one tree in honor of each of our six children. As the saying goes…. “It’s the little things in life that make a difference!”. So, although it may not seem like a life-altering cause, replenishing our earth is always a great and noble thing. My younger children loved this idea so much that they want to plant another tree at our beloved farm, WillowBend. They have identified the Weeping Willow as interesting and pretty, so as soon as they return from camp, we will plant one along the river. The main thing here is to teach our younger generation that they CAN make a difference in taking care of our planet.

Metallic Nail Polish“It’s So Fabulous!”  FASHION Find of the Week: METALLICS! Although I am not one to wear metallic nail polish, my assistant designer, Julie (our “hip” fashionista), informed me that this is a current and worthwhile trend. In fact, I was able to draw an immediate parallel between this metallic fashion trend and the metallics that are cropping up all over the design world today in mirrors, furniture, and accessories of all kinds!

Metallics in Fashion - Spring 2010. Photo from

OPI nail lacquer

“It’s So Fabulous!” QUOTE of the Week: This is a quote from an unofficial keynote speech given by Gary Vaynerchuk (author of my “Book of the Week”) in 2009. And just so you know, he is apparently a bit “rough around the edges” in his presentation and language, but totally authentic and full of insightful truths. This quote applies to everyone, regardless of business or walk of life…

“Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions.”

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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