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Be careful! That diamond in the rough might be right before your very eyes!

Last week I posted a personal blog about my reflections on 2012 and intentions as we move forward to greet the New Year.  Well, sometimes the answers, the cures, the signs that you are looking for, are right in front of you.  At least, that is what I discovered while playing video games over the holidays…


For several years my children have owned a Wii game (however you spell it!).   They are fortunately not much on the video game circuit mainly because they are pursuing other endless activities that I drive them to so I never really paid that much attention to this thing called Wii!  Well, who knew after countless hours spent trying to rehab these frozen shoulders, that the Wii bowling game is not only music to my ears but just the healing I need for my shoulders.  Over Christmas break I discovered the game.  Oh my goodness, what fun this is.  Right in the privacy of your own living room (who cares that I have to move the coffee table aside)  this is fun!  You can go right to the bowling alley and do this thing…all while having fun….and in the comfort of your own home!  My shoulder is getting better because of all the  movement and I am receiving  tons of physical therapy all while laughing!  This is cool!  Even better, the Dance 4 game, I really rock at! (and particularly love the Gangnam Style song).  All the neighborhood kids are impressed.  It has been a long time since I impressed a group of 12 year old boys, so I am really feeling good about things!  I think my new resolutions of simplifying and healing are really working.

Even Madonna is getting her Gangnam Style on.
Set your intentions in motion and look out.  You may just find what you are looking for…just not in the haystack that you were looking!!!  I definitely consider this to be a diamond in the rough!  Oh wait… Did someone say DIAMONDS?

I’ve got it! Diamond encrusted Wii controls!

At some point in my life, I would not mind in the least to be able to say – “I was dripping with diamonds, Dahling!” So classic, so elegant, so…. ME! Oh, Mae! There were never truer words spoken! What is a girls best friend?

Whether is is a game of Wii, an afternoon with my son and his friends – OR some sparkly diamonds, I am grateful to know that a girls truest best friend is her own happiness and being able to love and laugh (and diamonds).

How are your resolutions going?  I would love for you to leave me a comment and share your goals and intentions for 2013!

 Go and have an It’s So Fabulous Day!

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