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Contemporary design is quite the opposite, in many ways, from the relaxed and casual “feel” of cottage style decor. Although both styles contain natural components as part of their criteria, contemporary styling often utilizes more glass and metals, such as stainless steel, to create sophisticated, refined spaces.  Sleek furniture with clean lines is also a common component found in many contemporary designs, as well as an open floor plan. Elementary shapes, such as circles and squares, can often be found inserted into contemporary artwork . Take a look at the following rooms from Better Homes & Gardens to get a “feel” for contemporary design…

As seen in this photo, neutrals with pops of color are a characteristic of contemporary styling.

This room has open spaces and the natural elements of glass and metal, which contribute to the industrial style look.

The natural wood element, as well as this chic leather sofa with pops of bright orange accents make it a distinctively contemporary design.

The natural components in this space - glass and wood - as well as the clean lines, offer sophistication in the deign.

This room contains geometric artwork in primary colors that are carried throughout the space.

The open spacing and wood throughout this space give it a contemporary flair.

These white walls provide the perfect neutral backdrop for these bright pops of orange and yellow.

Contemporary design is far less forgiving than the eclectic nature of cottage style decorating, and therefore requires much more focus on that particular style. Depending on personal preference, one of these two styles is probably much more attractive to you than the other. Which style from this week’s blogs are you most drawn to? Drop me a comment if you would like to share which you chose, and why!

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