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My interior design clients often ask me about which specific design elements combine to form particular styles. One of my favorite styles, often reflected in my personal decorating preferences, is called “Country French” (or “French Country”). However, before I share some of its components, I would like to emphasize that not ALL elements of any style are present ALL the time… and actually, I prefer it that way! Mixing in unexpected details combats predictability and can set your home apart in its own unique way.

“French Country” is a design style that often includes faux finish wall coverings, rich fabrics dripping with delicious fringe, floral or natural elements, gilded furniture, and lots of antiques. It is comfortable, yet also partially formal. Rustic with a large dose of elegance. It’s like that perfect black dress that can be dressed up with heels and wads of jewelry, or dressed down with flip flops and simple hoop earrings. It is soothing, yet commanding. Achieving this ambiguous-sounding style may seem near impossible based upon description alone. However, Country French is actually very accommodating with regard to incorporating surprise elements, and its flexibility is one of the characteristics that makes it particularly attractive. To fully embrace and understand this style, pictures do truly speak 1000’s of words. Take a look at these photos to get a better “feel” for the design elements of Country French. (Photos from Better Homes & Gardens, unless otherwise noted).

This photo shows a gilded bed and faux finish walls, both adding to the Country French style. The blue-checked fabric can also be commonly found in this decor.

Here is a room with multiple rich fabrics and beautiful wood cabinetry, yet all coordinating together in a form of unity.

This fireplace of natural materials and faux finish walls make a room full of rugged elegance. Photo from Traditional Home.

This Country French kitchen combines the look of antique cabinets with lovely, natural colors to create an inviting space.

This traditional French-looking plaid fabric enhanced with lovely trim combine with the antique bed and bed crown to make an attractive French-country space.

The antiques and crispy, rich fabric in this space are beautiful contrasts in decor.

Rustic beams and cabinets give this kitchen a naturally elegant, French Country flair.

Antique side tables and a beautiful French basket, combined with elegant accessories make this room absolutely FABULOUS!

As you can see, Country French encompasses many different elements that may not always be the same, but they always result in an elegance rich with history and charm.

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