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Over the course of a designers career, there are always a few homes that will simply stand out in their minds.  Homes that perhaps pushed through the barriers of their own creativity and elevated them to a new level of confidence in their ideas.  For me, the Callihan home is front and center in my mind.  This complete renovation project had me right at “blue and white”, which was Lynn Callihans’ extraordinarily impressible collection of blue and white Mottahedeh china I had ever seen.  Considering my own collection and well, let’s admit it, fetish with blue and white porcelain, seeing Lynn’s love for these family heirlooms and also her desire to incorporate it into the design of her home was an immediate sign from above that this was indeed a match made in heaven.

What I love even more than blue and white china is when a home designed by myself and my fabulous team at Knotting Hill Interiors is recognized by the design community at large.  Of course, it is an honor for my business.  At Knotting Hill Interiors we breathe style and it is always nice to be noticed by your peers.  But, also for the families who trusted me with their vision and worked together with my team from start to finish to create the space they call “home”, it is extra special for them to see images of their home gracing the pages of magazines and websites!  What is even more special about the “Callihan Home” (as it has now come to be called!) is the timelessness of this project.   The images continue to strike a chord in peoples hearts, which tells me that there was more than fabric, wallpaper and even blue and white china going on here.  Design Journal Magazine and both shared amazing articles that really tell the story behind the vision and inspiration for the project, and also give Lynn and James Callihan full credit for teaming up with Knotting Hill Interiors to turn their dreams into a reality.  I don’t think I will ever stop thanking them for trusting me with their beautiful home.  Thank you!  Below are just a few of my favorite images of the renovation as well as a link to my website to see more of this finished product!

Probably the most shared image from the entire project as you get a feel for the parisian design and you can see the Mottahedeh china, two of the main centerpieces for inspiration in the home. I love images that highlight the details of a design project. You better bet that we are always crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s!


No matter what age you are – every woman deserves to feel like a princess and be treated like a queen! Another perspective in the main bedroom, bath and sitting area. I think I would just want to live in here! What do you think? Adore, Adore, Adore! French elegance that you can live in!

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