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I just love how Amanda Kinseth from Carolina & Co introduced me on their live show just the other day.  She made a special point to say that Knotting Hill is not only an interior design company but also a place for gifts and fabrics.  I like to call us a “one stop shop!”  Whether you need a complete home makeover, find the perfect gift, or you are knee deep in a DIY project and need a couple yards of fabric or you need a dress and all the fixin’s Knotting Hill Interiors has it all!

I was so excited to come back to Carolina & Co. I just love their show. Amanda and Cecil are a great pair and really make me feel “a part of the family” whenever I stop by to talk style and design with them.  In this episode I shared what I like to call my “Kimplistic Tips” – just some real, simple advice to live beautifully but not break the bank! From beautiful drawer handles to add some drama to your dresser or cabinets to a beautiful new fabric you can use for pillows or a re-upholstery project, I share several examples to bring a freshness to your home or room.  My segment begins 9:00 minutes into the program, but I highly recommend watching the whole thing! And, remember – everything you see on here you can get right at Knotting Hill Interiors! I look forward to seeing you there!

Now go have an “It’s So Fabulous Day”

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