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My husband is a leprechaun!  Born on St. Patties Day, my family has a true field day in honor of my husband’s birthday.  Bring out the leprechauns, the four leaf clovers, the corn beef and cabbage, and of course, the color of green and it is a celebration to go “green with envy” over.   Oddly enough, my husband’s favorite color is…you guessed it, GREEN!  While he prefers “hunter” green (or hunter anything for that matter!), I have stretched him occasionally to other shades of green.  What I have learned is that no matter what, he always feels most comfortable when surrounded by some shade of green.

So, here are some tips when selecting shades of green.  First, think restful or energizing.  If you are going to use green in a Master Bedroom, then go to your more muted restful shades of green.  A green with a gray undertone is nice for walls and provides a soft hue for a tranquil setting. Below is a lovely example of a bedroom from with soothing green walls.

If you are planning a child’s  room you might want to consider a more playful shade of green or even adding green as an accent.

Child's bedroom design of one of my clients. Notice the playful use of green on the ceiling.

In honor of my husband and his birthday, consider using a deep rich hunter green in a  room.  This color is best used when steeped with tradition and can make a handsome masculine setting.  Interestingly enough, I find most men understand this color better than all other colors.  So when in a quandary or when planning a comfort zone that involves the men in your life, consider hunter green.  It makes a beautiful statement and, of course, it is an easy sell!

Happy Birthday Honey!

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