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In this series, “Ask Kimberly” I take questions from you and share my honest opinions and thoughts. I would LOVE to receive more design questions!  Please leave me a comment below and your question could be featured on “It’s So Fabulous!”

Q – My husband and I are considering taking out our sofa and using four chairs to create a new look in our living room.  Is this look “in”?  

Image from my personal billiard room in my home where I have done four chairs in a round with a circular ottoman in the center. You cannot see the fourth chair, but they are all upholstered in the same fabric and the design of each chair is unique! I love that!

A: Four chairs in a circle is quite trendy right now, and I think it is a trend that will stick. Instead of a sofa, you can use four chairs – even four different chairs, with the same fabric to create an informal seating group.  

Love these wingback and lowback chairs in a round and absolutely adore the powder blue ottoman!

Q – Is there an element of “southern design” with this look and feel?

A – Absolutely! I always think of a few key things when designing any southern home – and one of them is “Does it feel welcoming?”  Every corner of a southern home should feel welcoming, warm and inviting.  Walking into a room and seeing a lovely set of chairs in a round IS an invitation to sit down and get comfortable.

Q: Do we have to do a round ottoman in the middle? I already have a rectangular coffee table…

A:  I don’t like to pigeon hole myself into rules normally, but in this situation, I think you’ll find a bit more of a challenge if you go square or rectangle instead of round.  You won’t be able to create that look and feel of unity to the space, so I would recommend looking into a round ottoman and finding another fabulous place for your coffee table.

 I would love to know if this blog has inspired you to try something a little different in your sitting area!  I can share from my pwn personal experience with this design, I just love having company over and entertaining in my “round”, it is so cozy and the energy of being in a circle keeps everyone engaged with one another. 

Do you have a question for me? Post in a comment below and I would LOVE to answer you! Your questions keeps me on my toes and connected to what you really want to know about southern design! 

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