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Remember – even if your room looks fabulous on the outside, what you choose to lay your head on is most important!
Source – Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors

Quite simply put, buy the best mattress that you can afford.   There is a plethora of choices in the market place, but I have found universally, people rest best on a mattress that has a firm coil but a soft body.  Most people automatically say that they like a firm mattress, only to discover that those firm mattresses provide many a person with “hot spots” and aches and pains to boot.  Better, is a pillow topped mattress that has a firm coil but is very soft to lie on.

Start from the mattress up to create a beautiful nights sleep. Pillowtops gets my first pick!

The other misnomer in bedding is that the sheet count is the end all be all.  Thread cound doesn’t really matter at all.  Instead, decide if you like a crisp sheet or a soft sheet.

For a crisp sheet, I recommend Pine Cone Hill (order a set from Knotting Hill Interiors today!!) 100% cotton sheet.  When laundered, it feels like a fabulous crisp sheet in a beach house.  For a softer sheet, choose a luxury Egyptian combed cotton sheet.  The fibers are actually combed down and have a softer feel.

Dream east in a bed make with Matouk

Another popular sheet set that we have available at Knotting Hill Interiors are Matouk Sheets.  For truly luxurious linens, Matouk is one of my top picks.

Linen sheets give your bed an ultra comfy and inviting feeling! Wouldn’t you love to walk into a guest room that looked this welcoming?

Linen sheets are the new rage and are as wonderful as a good pair of linen pants.  Just make sure that you love the wrinkles because this is inherent with the fiber!

As for bedding, there are many ready made bedsets on the market that are acceptable.  It is very easy to customize some of the ready made sets by adding a custom bedskirt and pillows. At Knotting Hill, we often advise clients to purchase a ready made coverlet and let us customize the look with the bedskirt and pillows and perhaps a folded duvet at the foot of the bed.

Bonus – Little Luxury!

Footpillows are a big part of our bedding ensembles at Knotting Hill.  We will have our workroom tuft a lovely footpillow for the foot of the bed.  It’s a much less expensive option than a folded duvet which takes a minimum of 11 yards of fabric!  The footpillow only uses a few yards of fabric and still looks beautiful.

Love the little luxury of a “foot pillow” at the end of the bed instead of a
Source: Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors Design

I hope you are enjoying our series on bedrooms. If you missed last week, check out the post here where I share my thoughts on creating a softer color palate where you sleep.

Sweet Dreams!

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