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DO you wanna hear a secret?  I have been formulating this secret for years and I am finally ready to let it out of the bag.  Are you ready?

EVERY color is a neutral. 

Now I know you are scratching your head right now and thinking that a neutral is beige, black, tan  or off white.  Well they are, but those colors are not the only colors that can be classified as neutrals.

  “A neutral really means… a color that blends well with other colors.”

So….show me a color that doesn’t do that.  All color blends well with some other color.  So, if you are in love with a particular shade of purple, then choose it as your neutral and work from there.    Here are my Top 5 go to neutrals  (NONE of which are khaki or tan!) from the Benjamin Moore palette.

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570  – This gray/green is fabulous paired with red, darker greens, purples, grays and many shades of blue

Design: Knotting Hill Interiors

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green HC-158 – This is the color of my living room.  There is no color that doesn’t look good with this color.  It is amazing.  It makes old things look timeless and new things look classic.  I paired it with acid green draperies and powder blue sofas!

My Living Room!! I just love it!

Benjamin Moore Poppy 1315 – I am not a huge fan of red walls but this shade is awesome and I love it mixed with malachite and lots of black.  It is also wonderful with grays or browns and of course is also great with shades of yellow.

Photo: Bruce Barone

Benjamin Moore  1417 English Hyacinth – Soft periwinkle.  This neutral is fabulous and lends a calming affect to a space.  It pairs especially well with soft greens but can also be refreshing with navy and exciting with shades of red!

 Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue HC-1 50
– This color is wonderful.  I often use it on ceilings as it is beautiful with light reflecting from it.  It pairs nicely with darker shades of blue and soft shades of green.  It can also be nice with stronger yet cooler colors.  If you pair it with greens it tends to take on more of a greenish cast.  Very pretty!

Photo: Apartment Therapy

So what neutrals have you used in your own space?  Please let me know if you think all color is neutral!

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