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This is the last of a four part series I have been posting every Monday about the Secrets of Southern Design in the bedroom.  For links to parts one through three scroll to the bottom of the post!  Enjoy!

Just as with any design project, the devil is always present in the details.  It’s the small things in life that make a bedroom more special and more successful.   Here are my top seven little luxuries for the “guest” bedroom.  Entertaining overnight guests is the perfect way to showcase your passion for southern hospitality.

Gorgeous Purple Versaille Bedside Carafe from Zulilly

1. A water carafe is an excellent luxury for both guest bedrooms and master rooms as well.  I wrote a whole blog about carafes a few months ago and shared some of my fabulous finds for creative, traditional or modern design.

Love the swinging arm of these lamps – they are perfect for reading, just swing them out and viola!

2. Good reading light is a luxury that very few bedrooms contain.  Swing arm lamps are my favorite and can be used even when a pair of bedside lamps are present.  They literally swing over and shine right over a book to make reading easier.

Loving and their Kulan Cashmere Blanket in White

3. A cashmere blanket is perhaps the biggest luxury for warmth around.  Lightweight but oh so affective, it’s the perfect  snuggler on cool nights.

Fresh flowers are so simple and you can pick them up right at the grocery store!

4. Fresh flowers are a luxury that I personally enjoy.  I will say, however, that there are certain kinds that stir up my allergies.  When not sure, leave them off or at least place them somewhere else in the room besides the bedside table.  This is especially important in guest rooms when you may not know the allergies of the guest.  They are a pretty and thoughtful detail, just place them elsewhere than beside the bed.

Luxury at it’s finest! I would love to receive a special gift like this when I am a guest at someone’s home! Godiva Shells! How perfect for the beach! Stock up on a dozen or so boxes and keep them in your freezer (as long as you can trust yourself not to eat them!)

5. My favorite thing to do when I have guests is to leave a little chocolate on the nightstand.    This is an age old tradition used in some of the finer hotels.  I love my overnight guests to feel pampered and this certainly does the trick.  At might beach house, I use shell style chocolates, at my primary home, I use a lovely extra special chocolate.  It shows my guest that I care!

“Wow” your guests by leaving out a lovely display of toiletries upon arrival! I am also in love with this old bird feeder used for such a job! Tre magnifique!

6. Another tradition I use for my guests is also borrowed from some of my favorite hotels.  I leave a wonderful thick and fluffy bathrobe in the closet for my guests along with a basket of special shampoos, soaps, lotions and always a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Many a guest has exclaimed how welcome they felt when visiting my home overnight.

7. Want to make certain your guests’ experience goes above and beyond any 5-Star hotel they have ever stayed in?  Plan ahead for some midnight snacks when you get home for a night out.  Have it ready before they even arrive and deliver it to their room when you get home.

Don’t miss parts one through three of my “Secrets of Southern Design” series all about bedrooms!

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Have I covered all the bases for you to design your dream bedroom?  Let me know and leave a comment below!

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