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I have heard this question more than once…

“I have decided on EVERYTHING for my bedroom – colors, patterns, furniture, lighting… Now, where does everything go?”

Gorgeous room with all of the elements I love! Read below to see why the “design elements” of this room are perfect!
Design – Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors

A big decision in designing a successful bedroom is knowing where to place the bed.  I always prefer to walk into the foot of the bed.  Sometimes a room is awkward and or a window is in the wrong place and won’t allow for a proper bed wall.  We treat these situations on a case by case basis, but given the choice, we always prefer making the bed the focal point of the room and walking into the foot of it.

Always better to come into a room at the foot of the bed, especially when it is your own bed! It is as if you walk in and your bed says, “Welcome Home!”
Design – Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors

A pair of nightstands or a mismatch?  I prefer a pair unless the mismatch is of similar design.  No matter what, I insist that the nighstands are of the exact same height.  If the height  is mismatched then the room will always feel off kilter.  I prefer a pair of lamps to gently frame the bed.  This makes for a more soothing restful space.

Beautiful and elegant matching night stands and lamps
Design – Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors Here, the mismatched nightstands and lamps work because they are of the same design, color and nightstands are the same height, which is a must!
Design – Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors

If space allows, seating in the bedroom is a bonus.  A good comfy place to curl up and read a book is nice or a getaway chair provides instant rest.  If you don’t have room, at the very least, a small stool or chair to sit and put on a pair of shoes is a must.  A bench seat at the end of a bed is often a good alternative when space is limited.

Love the bonus of a bedroom with just enough extra space for seating. Can really turn your room into more of a multi-functional space.
Design – Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors Gorgeous seating area of a bedroom I designed.
Design – Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors Don’t forget! Same rules apply for the kids rooms as well! Love the super cute blue lamps on her nightstand.
Design – Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors

This post is the Part Three of a Four Part Series on Bedrooms…

Part One: Secrets of Southern Design – Sleeping in Southern Comfort with Color!

Part Two: Secrets of Southern Design – What’s Under Your Bedding? It Matters!

Stay tuned for next Monday when I will wrap up the whole series by accessorizing your room with “Little Luxuries!”

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