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As I shared yesterday, the FABULOUS Benjamin Moore primary color of my new foyer is called Rhine River 689.  That color will serve as the base for a gorgeous hand-painted top treatment, which the artist will begin this week!  I do not want to call this painting a “mural”, because it definitely is not that. However, it is similar in some ways, but it is just MUCH more open and wispy. It will make a subtle, yet powerful statement . This artwork is to be reminiscent of a French Garden and entwine my favorite colors along with –  you guessed it! – blue and white porcelain!  YAY! The garden will contain all of the colors for the remainder of my home, including lush corals, lemon yellow, and soft greens. I liken it to a magical inspiration fabric that ties everything together, but in this case, it is quite simply paint. I am SO excited that this dreamy foyer artwork is to be the impetus for the rest of my home redecorating project!  I will, of course, continue to post more photos as things progress!

Here is an example of the hand-painted garden that the artist will begin to paint in my foyer.

Here is an example and an "idea" of what the hand-painted garden may look like.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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