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With my new book launch right around the corner in time for the holidays and my designs for Knotting Hill Interiors getting some regional and national attention, it seems that everyday I am learning about another magazine featuring our work or another invitation in my email to speak at an event about Southern Design.  It is so rewarding after all of my years in the business, always staying true to myself and my philosophies about design, to have others recognize my work and contributions to the design community.

So thankful to Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine for featuring my book signing, “Sip & Sign” in their November 2013 issue.  Be sure to pick up their new issue and maybe a road trip to Atlanta is in your future?


View a copy of the digital magazine and get all of the details right here.  Info about my event is on page 51.

The online design mag, Home Adore came to me to find out more about how I personalize a space and how you approach personalization in the many different rooms of your home.  I used my own home as an example.  I can never seem to stress or say enough to my clients how important it is, especially with southern design, that your home not only be beautiful, elegant and functional – but also warm and welcoming. Read the entire article online here.

Last but certainly not least, my monthly column was featured in our local newspaper, The Sun News.  I chose to highlight my own home in this months article and highlighted recent blogs I posted about how to express yourself in the design of your home.  I am so grateful for all of the support I have in my area!  From local television to magazines and publications, the community here is very much about sharing their love for southern design and they love having me as their spokesperson!

If you love reading my blog every week, be sure to keep up with me in these wonderful publications as well! And, you did read correctly that my book, Secrets of Southern Design, will be out in time for the holidays!  Stay tuned for lots more details about that!  In the meantime, as aways, stay fabulous!

For help with your home or room design please contact us at and visit our website.  Follow Knotting Hill on Pinterest and Facebook.

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