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A beautiful garden is another place in which I find it natural to be inspired! Fragrant, home-grown flowers, chipper singing birds, and winding trellis vines, all contribute to the spectacular serenity that is often found in a place such as this. Perhaps, that is the reason that there are so many fabulous design options available in natural, soothing, garden themes!

Botanical art is such a refreshing choice for anyone who can appreciate the simplistic beauty of leaves and greenery…

The botanical prints on this wall make a subdued, yet powerful, statement throughout the rest of the space.

Via BH&G.

Here is a much different type of botanical prints. Via Cafe Cartolina.

...And yet another example of botanical art.

Garden-inspired decor is also available in furniture form…

Botanical chairs from Traditional Home Magazine.

Notice the hand-painted floral dresser. Via BH&G.

This is one crazy sofa from Anthropologie!

…. And as light fixtures….

This living room has botanical prints, as well as a fabulous chandelier in the same style. Via Decor Pad.

….And in rose-covered bedding!

This room is cottage style with strong influences of garden florals. Via BH&G.

This bedroom is a fully-executed example of garden decorating. Photo via BH&G.

Garden inspiration “crops up” in all sorts of accessories, as well….

This tablescape beckons its visitors to "sit down and relax". Via BH&G.

I love this collection of botanical items and how they have been arranged on the table. The bird's nest is a surprising touch. Via BH&G.

Hand-cut floral arrangements are an excellent way to bring a little garden “life” to an inside space…..

These gorgeous, yet understated, floral displays are perfect for bringing in a touch of the outside to the inside. Via BH&G.

Here is a garden arrangement that feels "put together", but it still has a the freedom to be a little "disheveled"... in plant terms, that is.

This collection of branches provides this room a sense of balance between the inside and outside.

As I wrote about all last week, wallpaper can certainly serve many purposes. Thibaut has designed some FABULOUS selections that really showcase the beauty of garden chic!

This wallpaper is called "Baron". The colors and theme are both just incredible!

Another bold, floral wallpaper

This wallpaper, "Ferns", is truly simplistic and streamlined, yet just as eye-catching as any of the multi-colored florals.

This wallpaper, "Birdcage", is very playful and whimsical, yet still epitomizes the essence of garden decorating.

Here is one more impressive example of a room designed with a botanical theme in mind…


Photo via Homes & Gardens.

And finally, I could not resist ending this post with a photo of a beautiful garden that could have been the inspiration for all of the amazing design options shown above!


NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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