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The purity found in nature is a constant source of inspiration in my design work. The gentle flow of calm ocean waves has often come to mind, as I am arranging the “puddle” at the bottom of fine silk drapes. When properly styled, the fabric seems to have similar movement to the ebb and flow of the faraway sea.

Grigg drapes

See the flow of these lovely silk drapes? To me, it "feels" very similar to the lap of gentle ocean waves in the distance.

As a long-time resident of Myrtle Beach, SC – a bustling, seaside resort town – I can fully appreciate the beauty of coastal living and the unique inspiration that comes along with it. There is scarcely anything as fine as waking up and meandering down to the beach for a morning dose of natural beauty. The treasures that can be discovered along the shore are enough to inspire a style all their own.

This shelving and dresser provide the perfect places to display beach-themed treasures. Photo via Coastal Living Magazine.

seaside elements

Look at this interesting outdoor bathroom that combines a cool and relaxing color palette with natural elements to form a unique seaside statement. Photo via Coastal Living.

Decorate with simplicity! Add shells or other sea life to a bowl to create natural accessories.

In addition to the starfish in the bowl, this space adds tropical greenery as a decorative element. Photo via Coastal Living.

Coastal accessories abound in this lovely living room. Photo via Better Homes & Gardens.

Living room side table

I love the way the bowl on this table is overstuffed with large-scale seaside treasures!

The contrast between old and new, as well as the relaxed beauty of slipcovered furniture, find harmony in coastal living.

Throw pillows and other accessories find inspiration in natural elements.

Coral, in both color and subject matter, are welcome in coastal style. Photo via

Look at all of the coastal accessories in this space, such as the lampshade and window treatments. Photo via Better Homes & Gardens.

Photo via Coastal Living Magazine.

Artwork often depicts many seaside subjects.

Photo via Coastal Living Magazine.

Look at this entertaining artwork of the family dog!


A fabulous seashell chandelier is a simple, yet bold, statement in this perfectly styled coastal space.

Photo via Coastal Living Magazine.

Play with scale! Anything goes. A giant shell can actually become a bowl… or a piece of driftwood can serve as the base for a coffee table. Your imagination is the limit! Have fun with it!

Photo via Coastal Living Magazine.

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