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One of my favorite Secret Holiday Decorating Weapons is not necessarily something that I would describe as “pretty” – But WOW! – does it ever function!  This oh-so-helpful contraption is my custom-created holiday doorframe. A carpenter can build one of these simple frames to fit your door, or if you are handy, you can even build one yourself! The purpose of this tool is to hold your garlands securely in place throughout the entire season with little to no frustration. Just imagine, NO MORE “WONKY” garland!

Below is a photo of how my front door looked with the holiday doorframe attached around its perimeter.

BEFORE PhotoI simply built a 6 1/2” frame out of treated lumber. To accommodate the 14′ height of my door, the frame is built in 4 sections. There are two tall side pieces, plus two additional sections that meet at the top of the arch. It is important to follow the lines of your specific door. For instance, if your door is rectangular, then you will want to create a frame that follows the angular lines of that shape.

The next step is to cover each piece of the frame in chicken wire. This task can be accomplished with the help of a heavy duty staple gun.

Once completed, simply screw the structure in place with masonry screws.

Finally, attach your greenery to the frame – And VOILA! -The result is stunning!

AFTER Photo with my garland attached to the frame!Your garland will be as full and festive the day after Christmas as it was the day you put it up! No more mid-season drooping, shifting, or falling greenery to contend with… And we can ALL give a hearty “CHEERS” to THAT!

Here is a video blog I made last year about my handy-dandy door frame that I thought you might enjoy watching again!

Thank you to all of my readers who have supported my little blog over the last 2 years and have made it the successful Labor of Love that it has become!

Now, go have an “It’s So Fabulous!” Holiday, and….


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