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Wrapping is an endless chore! However, once the task is complete, wrapped packages add excitement to the season and flair to your holiday décor.  My tree never feels quite complete or beautiful enough before my wrapped gifts are added. But honestly, who has the extra time to create mini-masterpieces of fluff and glamour for each and every package under the tree?  Well, with colored boxes… we all do!

Photo from Pretty Is as Pretty Does.Many online and retail stores sell colored boxes.  I once received a lovely gift in a gold, sparkly box adorned with a fabulous, navy ribbon.  Since I am a designer, and I also own a gift store, I am not easily “wowed” by packaging. However, I just have to tell you, I could not wait to tear into that glittery box!  While the contents of the package were absolutely wonderful, the beautiful presentation truly made the gift doubly as fabulous!

This glittery box (shown on the Martha Stewart website) is similar to the one I received. You can embellish and beautify your gift by adding your favorite ribbon!At my retail and design shop, Knotting Hill Interiors, we use brown boxes and gift bags for all of our customers! We often vary the color of our tissue paper, but the brown box remains constant.  And the beauty of our “little brown box”? No wrapping required… We do the work for you!  A lovely, fluffy ribbon (My “Secret Weapon for Holiday Decorating #2”) is attached to your box or bag… and VOILA!… the rest is simply perfection!

Similar to the Tiffany & Co. “little blue box”, the “little brown box” is our signature presentation at Knotting Hill Interiors.This is my shop, Knotting Hill Interiors. Our signature brown is even on the awnings!For family and special friends, I often incorporate festive ornaments into my bows, as well.

Leaving off the decorative wrapping paper also provides the added benefit of saving trees for our environment, which gives me the good feeling of knowing I am making a small difference!

So, save your fingers and your time by not “wrapping”. Instead, put your energy and creativity into tying pretty ribbons for a fabulous holiday season!

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR IDEAS FOR CREATING BEAUTIFUL NON-WRAPPED PACKAGES? Feel free to share them by posting a comment to this post.

“Merry Everything!” from all of my Staff and Me at Knotting Hill Interiors!

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