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Last year I choked for the holidays!  I was very busy, so I thought it would be okay to “cheat” just a bit on my holiday décor.  I opted for a faux tree – And WOW! – was I disappointed!  Sorry, guys – Some of you may “boo” me for saying this! EEK! -But I am a “real” tree kind of girl! Someone should definitely design a faux tree with fresh tree scent…. If that ever happens, I may be apt to change my mind! (Any takers on that design challenge?)

This year, I have a new plan for my holiday greenery!

My main tree will be elegantly hoisted in the living room, and it will be fresh!  This way the house gets the “real” tree aroma! Plus, I can place all of our family favorite ornaments on that tree, a deciding process in which my entire family participates. (Did I mention how many children I have? 6 combined! So, can you imagine how many family ornaments we sift through each year?!)

This Christmas tree was pictured in Veranda magazine, and is a magnificent example of a near flawless live tree! GORGEOUS!

Next, I will erect another tree in my dining area that will be faux (from last year!). This tree will be covered in shades of blue, aqua, and green to blend with my overall décor. Its branches will also be the perfect place to hang many of the heavier ornaments that I have collected throughout the years.  Heavy ornaments weigh a live tree down and can easily fall off and break. Therefore, the sturdier branches of a faux tree are a much safer and smarter place to hang these weightier decorations. Since it is so sturdy, my wire faux tree will be highly decorated this year and stuffed full of heavy embellishments!


Artificial trees are generally much easier to adorn with heavy ornaments and other decorations because of their consistently strong branches. Source unknown.

I love adding garland and swags throughout my home…. Staircase, mantle, above bookcases, and around chandeliers. I use faux greenery to adorn these areas, but here’s the secret weapon for creating a fabulous presentation: Insert or wire a few sprigs of real greenery into your faux swags and garland! Your holiday greenery suddenly looks and smells real! Incorporate luscious ribbons and ornaments – And VOILA! – your holiday presentation is complete!

All Of these heavily decorated wreaths and garlands are great examples of what could be easily  accomplished by incorporating live greenery with artificial greenery. (Photos from Traditional Home Magazine)


Stay tuned for Secret Weapon #2 in our next “It’s so Fabulous!” blog!

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NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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