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I might proclaim design to be my first love, but all of your moms out there know what our one true love can only, ever be.  Our kids.  No matter how many projects I have on the go or what kind of shape my store is in – I always and I mean always look forward to putting all of that behind me for a weekend with my daughter, Grayanna, to cheer her on watching her with her first love, horses.

I will be absolutely honest with y’all though… it never hurts when we travel to warm places with great shopping!

I feel that I am a better everything when I am the best mom I can be.  I know, I know… we have to take time for ourselves and all that – but there is no way I would ever be able to feel good about a spa day or a girls weekend getaway or even a fabulous dream design client if I knew I was missing out in something important in one of my children’s lives.  I feel like it was just yesterday my daughter Grayanna  was  learning to mount a horse and now this is the amazing site I got to witness this past weekend in Ocala, Fl.

Grayanna and Beaujolais in Ocala, Fl

Yes, for all of you that are wondering my heart still skips a beat every time she and her handsome partner jumps a fence in one of the many competitions we travel to all over the country.  I have to pinch myself and say, “Oh my gosh! That is MY beautiful daughter!”

At least my husband and I know where Grayanna’s heart is, for now! 🙂

These trips have become so much more than supporting my daughter in doing what she loves.  We are able to spend quality time together, just her and me, that would never be possible at home.  Between work, school, (ahem) BOTH of our social lives – we do the very best we can to catch up one the way to or home from school and at the dinner table. But, I know that as she gets older, even those times will be cut short as we insert boyfriends, drivers license and the normal desire for more freedom.

So, as I was saying, our trips together have weaved a precious tapestry of memories in my heart.  While I love watching her grow up into the beautiful and amazing young woman that she is becoming, there is a part of me that wishes I could keep her little and riding ponies!

What a walk or trot down memory lane!

The brown pony is Macaroni the Pony, the greatest love of Grayanna’s life.  The gray pony is “once Upon A Dapple, barn name Twinkle.  She is the crazy pony who taught Grayanna to be tough.  Both were big parts of her riding career!

I know Grayanna knows how proud I am of her and how much I love her.  And, while she may not understand or grasp this concept just yet, I know one day when she has a child of her own, she will understand how being there for her, unconditionally, have made me a better person.  I love you, Grayanna!

Beaujolais and Grayanna in January

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