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As promised, I am posting some new pictures of my home renovation in this week’s blogs. Today’s photos are taken of my main foyer entrance. Although it is still not completely finished, you can certainly see the progress that has been made since a few weeks ago, when I had just chosen the paint color.

You can see the main focal point of the entrance is the fabulous, hand-painted artwork on the walls, reminiscent of a lovely, French garden.

Entrance to the foyer

This is one of two antique French chairs whose seats received new chartreuse, embroidered leather upholstery. In order to "mix it up" every now and then, these chairs will also have a set of coral slipcovers made to fit them.

Here is the other side of the foyer with the matching French chair.

Pictured is a sample of the coral fabric that will be used to make the slipcovers for the antique French chairs. I will refer back to the other two samples in a few more photos.

This tablescape will have a mirror above it, when the foyer is complete.

Here is a photo of the ceiling, which was also hand-painted by an artist. The photo of the three samples above includes a close-up of the paint color.

The runner on this staircase will be replaced with the carpeting shown in the photo of the three samples. The new carpeting is multi-colored in shades of blue, green, cream, and brown.

The following photos show some of the detailing in the hand-painted artwork on the walls.

A quaint bridge and topiaries that add to the relaxed charm of the artwork.

An inviting bench accented with a touch of my favorite blue-and-white pottery.

An angle of the landscape artwork a little further away.

Here is one of the personalized accents incorporated into the wall art. Our two standard poodles, Stella and Gatsby, and our teacup Yorkie, Millie, are painted into the landscape.

Here is Stella, completely bored with the whole remodeling project. (Excuse the construction debris on the floor beside her!).

Close-up of two of our dogs in the artwork. You have to look closely to see tiny Millie under the bench.

This is one of my favorite details in the painting. We call it our family tree, because the leaves have our family members' names painted on them, as well as some of my children's friends names.

Here is a close-up of the family tree showing all of the names.

Here is another of my favorite details. This is a horse statue in honor of my daughter's pony, Macaroni.

Sorry, Julie. I couldn't resist posting this adorable picture of you! Julie is my assistant designer, and she is helping me re-design my own home! She is obviously pregnant and absolutely stylish even with her blossoming belly!

If you would like to make your home more fabulous, then contact me for an initial consultation.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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