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Now that you have learned about Oriental rugs, I would like to share about another kind of rug that is actually my favorite!  I love Oushak rugs because they have a wonderfully worn, lived-in appearance…. even the newer ones! The vintage and antique Oushak rugs are truly FABULOUS (and pricey!), but the newer rugs are still quite amazing, as well. I am personally looking for this type of rug as I redecorate my own home!

Here are my TOP 5 FACTS to Know about Oushak Rugs:

1. Oushak rugs are definitely Persian-influenced, but they actually originated in the tiny town of Oushak, Turkey. Since most Turkish weavers are Muslim, a religion that prohibits the depiction of animals and people, the most common designs are of vines and leaves or geometric motifs.

2. Oushaks are very sought-after rugs, not only for their beauty, but for their extremely high quality. The quality is so amazing because they are made from some of the best wool and natural dyes available in the world, and they are also double knotted for durability.

3. The colors most frequently used to make Oushak rugs are blue and red, although many have golden-colored backgrounds. In addition, green is considered to be a sacred color, which they use to weave their prayer rugs.

Photo from Landry & Aracari

4. Oushak rugs are often of medium or small size, due to the looms used to make them. So, if  you find one you love, but the size is too small,  layer it over a sisal or seagrass rug, which will immediately correct the size discrepancy.

5. Oushaks may be used in many different ways to beautify a room. They are not only fabulous on the floor, but they may also be used to cover an ottoman. In one instance, I actually cut up a damaged rug and used it to make pillows. Then, I framed the scraps into artwork! Oushak rugs just have a wonderful way of “grounding” things in a room no matter how you choose to use them!

Selecting a rug is actually one task for which I would highly recommend engaging the help of a professional (if you are able), since a rug can truly “make or break” a room. I have a wonderful resource for obtaining vintage Oushaks, so if you are in the market, contact me at Knotting Hill Interiors, and I will be happy to assist you in locating the perfect choice for your space!

Photo via Cote de Texas

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