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For those of you that know me, you already know that I work just as hard at keeping myself “in style” as I do your home!  Whether we are wanting to create a classic and traditional look, a bold statement or elegant and dreamy, your body is just as good as any canvas to experiment on!  I am working on an exciting piece revealing my “fall design trends” coming in the next few weeks so I have been pouring myself into images of the catwalk to see what the top fashion designers are creating to lead the way in design for Fall 2012.  From unexpected color stories to taking fantastic risks with patterns from the Far East, the fall is an exciting and creative time for design. It can be so inspiring to take a peek into the world of Chanel, Yves St. Laurence or Dolce and Gabana just to see how they are working with colors, patterns and accessories to envision the palate for your next room makeover.  Here are some of the styles that have caught my eye.

Yves Saint Laurent

I can totally see an elegant sitting room with a fabulous large cream sofa, and possibly a chair reupholstered in an animal print with black and cream throw pillows, tall lamps in the darker cream in the animal print, brown and black leather photo frames and dark brown, beautifully finished coffee table and buffet.

Vera Wang

What a dream this is! So, naturally, I would put this in a bedroom! Beautiful chiffons, silks, hand embroidered pillows and possibly “I Dream of Jeanie” inspired headboard!

Alexander McQueen

For the little princess. The trends this fall are calling for pink from this beautiful baby soft to fuchsia. I would have pillows made with these feathers, for a younger girl, pair it with more creams or whites and for your tween, call in some hot pink and maybe purple, too. So fun!

Miu Miu

Alright! Now this is more my personal taste right here.  Would love to see this in a game room, possibly the fabric for some new chairs around the card table! I might throw in a little yellow for flair!

Dries Van Noten

Again, would love working with a palate of amazing colors like this unbelievable jacket from Dries van Noten. Look how bold they get with the stripes on one side and the traditional oriental pattern on the other.  Fashion can help give us permission to really take chances in design!  And, I absolutely love the fur coat that got caught in the picture with her and would definitely make some pillows out of it!

Peter Som

For your wild child’s bachelorette pad! (or maybe just her duper fun college dorm room!) A room with colors like this screams fun, risk taker and someone who marches to the beat of their own drum.  I love it!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know what kinds of rooms you see in these pictures or have some fun and find ones that you love!

Now go have an “It’s So Fabulous Day”

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