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I have been thinking a lot about collections and have more to share about displaying collections in your home.  Do you have precious pieces you want to showcase? Here are three rules to remember when displaying your collections:


Collections can be a great and unique way to capture memories.  I have many collections and have started many for my family members as well.  Once, I decorated a very elaborate  8,000 square foot house, whose inspiration began with a beloved Mottahedeh china collection.  While the collection was mostly housed and displayed in the dining room, bits and pieces were scattered throughout the home.  The pattern’s motif staged many inspirations for various rooms.  Whatever you decide to collect make sure that you have a true connection to it.  This way, when you begin to display it, your passion for it will come shining through.

Notice how beautifully the collection of blue and white china blends into the decor.

2.      Edit It

Building a large personal collection is a good idea, if the collection itself is vast.  An edited collection is quite impressive as well, since the individual pieces can be showcased very well.  A lovely glass collection is amazing when just a few pieces are sprinkled ever so beautifully on pedestals throughout a space.

Sometimes less is more. Displaying a single piece allows the viewer to appreciate it's form and beauty.

3.     Display It

The means in which you display the collection makes a difference.  Try to think of clever ways when you can (such as the horse ribbon collection from the previous post!).  Bookshelves can be unified when an extensive collection is amassed among books.

The pop of color on the wall draws the eye to the prized trophies.

Lovely curio cabinets can really enhance a collection…consider adding a coordinating fabric to the back of the cabinet for maximum impact!Glass encased coffee tables are a wonderful way to showcase a beautiful collection.

What a fabulous idea for showcasing precious vacation photos


Whatever collection may interest you, remember to love it much, edit it often and display it with imagination!

Now go have an ‘It’s So Fabulous’ Day!

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