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Was Pinterest created simply so you could learn how to do everything at home?  NO!  Of course not!  Pinterest is an amazing tool, in fact, it is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to find inspiration I have ever encountered!  But, it is also a double edged sword! It makes things look easy, so you forgo the call to your professional interior designer, do it yourself and are not satisfied with the results.

Welcome to the world of DIY!

There is SO MUCH more to design other than putting together a Pinterest board and watching a few tutorials when you hire a professional.  But that definitely does not mean we still don’t want your input!!

How do I recommend to my clients on how to find the best use of Pinterest?  Find me five images of your design style, and I can not only create a home you will love, but I will also let you know what sort of projects that would be easy for you to do.

Still wondering “what is your style?”  of “how do I use Pinterest to help create the home of my dreams?”  Well, below is a fun example of how I used Pinterest to find images of kitchens I love in totally different styles.






If any of these images resonate with you – begin to cultivate other images that have the same style and feel for the room in your home you are focusing on.  You can clearly see major differences with each style presented and only a true professional will be able to bring that style to life from choosing paint colors to the brand of hand soap to use on your kitchen sink – it all works together to tell a story.

As I have shared in the past, it’s not that DIY is necessarily bad – there is a time and place for it in all design!  I love my clients who want to be involved with the process and get their hands dirty so-to-speak.  But, it’s important to know when to draw the line in order to keep the integrity in the work being done.

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