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Bright colors are like animal prints. Often, people shy away from them in interior design, because they are afraid the colors will be too dominant in their space. In reality, bright colors can be added to a design plan as an unexpected treat to the eye!
Sometimes, bright colors can be used as the primary palette for a space. This bold look may not be for everyone, but it certainly makes an eye-catching statement for the homeowners who choose to use it. The photo directly below is from Jonathan Adler‘s Palm Beach condo, and it shows the extreme end of colorful accents.

Much of the bright decor was designed by Adler himself. It is certainly lovely, but not for the faint of heart!

This kitchen is dominated by a bright green color, even adding an accent of red to further magnify its effect. WOW!

Accents of bright color do not have to overwhelm a space, but instead, can be added in subtle ways. Sometimes, furniture is the perfect choice for inserting color.

For instance, this yellow chaise and ottoman add interest to this library.

In this dining room, bright purple chairs break up the white background.

This sofa in Aerin Lauder's apartment breaks up the otherwise neutral palette.

Often, bright accents of colors are added in smaller doses, but with just as powerful an effect. They can be found in….

Donatella Versace thinks accents of color work in her Milan apartment.

The purple throw pillows tie in with the other bright accents in this living room.

These pillows are the only accents of color in this space and definitely stand out in a powerful way!

This fuchsia pillow brings out the subtle color throughout the rest of the bedroom.


This bohemian-inspired living room belongs to musician, Lindsey Buckingham, of Fleetwood Mac. Check out the bright green lamp on the left!


This wallpaper is dramatic and requires the need for nothing else in this hallway.


Look at the stunning effect of the red in these panels of this dining room.

This green artwork is a fabulously colorful accent!

Combined with the red chair, this artwork is the main focal point of this room.

Check out these photos from Ralph Lauren‘s Manhattan apartment…..

Which of these rooms do YOU like? Do you think they express luxury interior design, or are they just more trendy? Drop me a comment or email to tell me all about it!
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