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Would you paint the floor in your home? What is the most daring design risk you have ever taken? My series for Jules’ Jewels, Livin’ on the Edge will dive into how I help to spot edgy trends and help incorporate them into southern design at Knotting Hill Interiors! I hope you are as excited as I am to share a design element that I am absolutely in love with, Geometric Floors!

Dramatic entrance down a winding staircase? Yes, please!

I am obsessed with them and our design team at Knotting Hill is looking for just the right client who is ready to create an amazing statement in their home! Is it you?

I think they are edgy because they are daring! Not many people have the guts to pull the trigger.

They are bold and not for the faint of heart. I have been begging my “conservative, navy blue pin stripe suit wearing husband” to let me do it in our new house. I have been trying to convince him for a while now. I have argued a pretty good case. And here’s a secret… I think I am winning!

I love the stark contrast of a black and white geometric floor. Painted floors don’t obviously have to be black and white but, in my dreams at night they are! ALWAYS!
 They are an instant wow. When you walk into the room, painted floors immediately take center stage.
I am really digging how this room creates a traditional and soft feeling while still being able to incorporate a fantastic painted floor.
There are also some amazing rugs with to-die-for geometric patterns that can really still set a room apart, in case painting those hard wood floors is not something you are quite ready for yet!  But, when you are, get ready because you are most definitely “Livin’ on the Edge!”

Julie is part of the Knotting Hill Design Team, a lover of Pinterest, Greek Key and finding unique ways to help her clients create a unique personal expression of who they are through design.  She is a regular blogger for It’s So Fabulous on her series, Jules’ Jewels.
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