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As I mentioned yesterday, my youngest son is a member of a traveling all-star basketball team, and he is oh-so-excited about the Trailways bus rides to his games. Meanwhile, I am still running around like a chicken in high heels trying to figure out how to be present at all of his games. However, on a wing and a prayer, I always seem to end up  making it there in time to input my “two cents” worth about the referee’s “bad” calls. I have convinced myself that I understand basketball and the plays, and that I need to simply shout it out.  I mean, heck, I am INTO this, so why NOT?!  While I know that I must look and appear ridiculous, I don’t care. Along with the other parents, I spend most of my evening screaming at the referee at the top of my lungs. And yes, I admit that there has been a time (or fifty!) that my husband has had to gently pull the sleeve of my shirt (as I’m flailing about in a fit!) and inform me that my angel son DID indeed foul the other player in this particular case!  So, after these incidents, I often find myself “conferencing” with the other parents about what exactly qualifies as a foul. And those who know MUCH more than me about basketball patiently explain to me how the whole process works. I mean, I know my daughter’s horseback riding sport, but basketball? Not so much!

Here is my son's all-star basketball team!

So, what does any of this have to do with interior design?! Well, when I was thinking about this scenario, I realized that there are many similarities with regard to my role as an interior designer.

First, there is indeed a time to express yourself in interior design, just as I “shout it out” at my son’s basketball games. However, there is also a time when I have to stop and ask for advice from an expert, who, in the case of basketball, are the other more basketball-savvy parents. In the case of interior design, my clients come to me to for advice, because I am a professional in decorating. Sometimes, you save yourself a great deal of time and energy (and embarrassment, in my case!) just by taking the time to consult with someone who specializes in a particular field of study.

Second, as I mentioned, I spend a great deal of time running around from event to event in toe-pinching high heels. And I often think to myself, “There has GOT to be a more effective way to make this happen in a less painful fashion.”  That is exactly the same way that many of my clients feel with regard to decorating their homes. Often, they have tried multiple times to design their own homes, generally, without much success. My primary goal, as their designer, is to make their process as expedient and painless as possible. Your home should not feel like a pair of confining stilettos, but rather as comfortable as your favorite pair of slippers. Your house should be a reflection of YOU that envelopes you as you walk through the doors.

Here is a bedroom that I designed for an eco-friendly client.

Here is a boy's bedroom I designed with a "cabana" feel in mind.

.... And a little girl's room.

This is an extravagant master suite designed for some of my more glamorous clients!

Ok, now after having said all of that…… I STILL happen to believe that all of those basketball refs NEED GLASSES!!! (And by the way, speaking of glasses, you MUST come check out the amazing EyeBob glasses we are now carrying at Knotting Hill Interiors! They are my new favorite thing!)

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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