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TOP 5 Kimplistic Ways To Adding Visual Interest to Walls:


Woodwork on the walls can change the feel of a room by adding architectural detailing, or by brightening or adding a rich wood coloring.

These walls are truly spectacular! They also add the sophistication of a rich wood coloring to the space. Photo from Veranda.

This fabulous woodwork adds charming interest to this dining area. It makes the space warm and inviting.

Look at the detailing on these walls... TRULY FABULOUS! Photo from Veranda.

This raised woodwork actually serves as the "artwork" in this room!


Why add texture to a room with paint? Decorative paint treatments are generally much easier and less costly than wallpaper options. Plus, paint texture adds interest to a space and can actually draw attention to specific areas of a room… or delineate one grand space into several areas. In a nutshell, it transform an average space into something extraordinary!

This paint finish is complex, requiring eight shades of paint over one another. It is probably best to begin with a less complicated finish for your first attempt at using a texturizing technique.

This paint finish adds age to this space.

This finish seems to supply an old Venetian "feel".

This type of paint finish shows a hint of the color underneath peaking through.

These walls have beautiful glazing on them that adds interest to an otherwise plain wall color.


As many of you may have read in last week’s blog, I am a huge proponent of customizing a home with wall paintings (See photos there of my current home renovation and the hand-painted artwork on my walls!) Now granted, custom painting from an artist can become very costly. However, you can also add unique interest to your home by stenciling your own designs!

Look at these interesting stencils that add a custom feel to this dining area.

This stenciling is actually done over linen upholstery on the walls.

This stencil adds a box to frame each piece of artwork hung on the walls.

Here is a stencil on the ceiling that makes this room look so rich and sophisticated.


Vertical stripes create height and interest in a space. You can achieve this look with either paint or wallpaper, although paint is typically the most cost-effective option. With a little time and patience, even an amateur painter can accomplish it with only the use of painters tape and a roller!

These painted vertical stripes actually have texture, as well! Two techniques in one!

Look at the way that these painted vertical stripes follow the angle of the wall to make this room so "tall" feeling!

This dining area would be rather average-looking without the addition of striping on the walls and fabric. Instead, it looks cheerful and interesting to the eye!


Trim molding comes in all shapes and sizes and can truly change a room from drab to fab! It can be applied almost anywhere for endless customizing of your space.

Textured paint is all over this room, but the distressed finish of the molding is particularly appealing.

The trim in this room really highlights the lovely fabric and wallpaper.

This commanding molding adds to the English "feel" of this living room.

The rich wooden molding makes this room feel chic, yet warm and cozy. Photo from Veranda.

Vintage molding such as this can add history to a space.

This column molding draws attention to the transition between these two spaces.

Photos Credits: Better Homes & Gardens, except where noted from Veranda.

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