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Last week, I shared some of my clients’ funny quotes, and this week, I will “tell” on myself, as well. As some of you may recall, I am in the beginning stages of redecorating my own home. Now, this is quite an undertaking considering it has been a number of years, since I have done so. In fact, I have waited FAR to long to start this project, and there have recently been some “flashing red light” indicators!


…the paint on my walls had to be covered, versus my paint BEING the wall covering!”.

Kimberly Grigg's Living room

This is my living room. Does this look as if the paint should be peeling in here? GEEZ!

As an interior designer of fine and upscale spaces, I am ashamed to admit that my own walls are currently in shambles! It’s true that someone from the outside would probably never notice the imperfections in my home…. mainly because I am a master at disguising them.  My walls have been telling me for quite a while that they are in need of attention, but when I actually noticed PAINT PEELING in a few places (WOW!), I could no longer ignore them! Horrified by this discovery, I was forced hide those areas with additional furniture!? (By the way, I am giggling to myself that I am actually sharing this information with all of you!?)

In addition, when my “baby” was much younger, he wrote on the walls in a few places. At one point, I actually decided that his doodles were quite endearing, and that I would leave them for a “little while”. Did I mention that he is now NINE YEARS OLD?! I would say it is most definitely time to update this look, yes?

Cute child drawing on the wall

This is CUTE... at two or three years old... NOT at NINE!

I have several hard rules that I NEVER break, when it comes to designing for my clients. The very first rule is to paint sample wall colors on several pieces of poster board, and look at them in the exact space they are going at different times of the day. This process helps to judge the light and give a much more accurate representation of what a paint color will “do” in a particular space. I have learned through many years of experience that skipping this step generally ends in WAY more work and expense in the long run. However, what did I choose to do with my own home? Yep, you guessed it! I thought I could tell the color of a trim paint just by looking at the little chip, but of course, when the color went on the wall, it was a giant mistake. I ended up having to backtrack and re-do the whole thing all over again!

So, my number one rule now? FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES! Thank you to my Staff Designer for reminding me of this on a daily basis. I am certain there will be many more “lessons learned” through the journey of redesigning my own home. Stay tuned!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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