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In this last post about how to get your home ready for the holidays, we are getting down to the nitty gritty – it’s installation time! Time for the final touches and tweaks and all of this should be taking place the first week of December (or the weekend after Thanksgiving if you don’t like to have your holiday decor out for Turkey day).  It’s time to create your own ‘winter wonderland’ in your home. But, before you wonder why we are laying out tree skirts and throw pillows – be sure to read Part I and Part II.

Throw Pillows

A great way to make a quick switch with what you usually put on your sofa and bring an instant yuletide glow to the room.  I mentioned in Part I of this series that I love working with faux fur pillows and throws this time of year, as it adds *extra* cozy to the space – and super comfortable napping cushion after you went for seconds of the pumpkin pie.

Tree Skirts

I know you might be thinking it’s just a tad to early to lay out the tree skirt – I would like to remind you again that all I am going is helping you create your “plan of action” for executing a seamless holiday decor reveal.  If you need a new tree skirt and stockings for the fireplace, go ahead and get them ordered now, so they are pressed and ready to be filled with gifts and goodies (because it will be here before you know it).

Drapery Hardware


The hardware you choose for your drapery can very often be overlooked, but can actually be a wow factor in your room.  Investing in beautiful hardware for everyday use and/or for holiday creates a bold and dramatic statement.

A few other last minute holiday touches to consider:

– Table skirts

– Flat braids on existing draperies

– Make throw pillow out of draperies and put holiday accents on them

– Change out dining room chair bottoms

All of these changes are services we offer right at Knotting Hill Interiors – from the fabric for your tree skirt to hands on support during the whole process including installation.  Why stress this holiday?  Let’s get a head start together!

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